Youth May Provide Hope

Keshava Shet Revankar

In March,   skeptic, Mr. Narendra Nayak narrated the saga of long struggle by B. Premanand, for spreading  ‘Rationalist’ thinking among Indians. Many of us agree with him that it is futile to speak to the elders. Only the youth may provide Hope.

How can the youth be approached? When much of the Hindi & regional language Print/visual Media  are engaged in marketing Superstitions and spreading Saffron-Ideology, day-in and day-out this  appears to be a  formidable task.

The biological soft-ware of Hindus was programmed a couple of thousand years back (As it is in every other Faith) What was firmly planted in their minds was not the essence of “Sankhya” or  “Upanishads”  or “Buddhism”. But it was what the cunning ‘Purohitshahi’ had cleverly invented Rituals from birth to death, with concoct psychological meanings to make them inevitable. Superstitions were venerated and glorified providing mythological  background to use them as tools of  ‘Fear-Mongering’. For example, stories behind  eclipses.

In recent decades, the economic boom has opened the market for religious heads, Purohits, astrologers, and a host of new age fake Gurus,  to exploit the narcissistic greed of the rich and gullible  anticipating masses, Invoking the blessings of  a legion of gods through a Menu of Rituals. One can notice large Menu-Boards in front of all big Temples, just like menu-cards in 4/5 star Hotels.
Scientists and Educational Institutions have failed to create a scientific environment, because the Saffron forces have succeeded in sabotaging Article 51 A (4) art iv A. How to bring the above facts to the notice of the educated youth?
Harking back to the same theme of “Atheism” may not make any impression, because even the youth of educated , elite society are groomed by the elders to follow in their foot-steps. To quote Tagore – their ” clear stream of reason has lost it’s way into the dreary-desert sands of Dead-Habits”

Richard Dawkins’ Book ‘GOD DELUSION’ is sold in millions in the West and even in Turkey. How many have read in India? Let me quote a few of his observations.

 “The truths of evolution, along with many other scientific truths are so engrossingly
fascinating and beautiful, how truly tragic it is to die, having missed out on all that ” Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.. But for good people to do evil things it takes Religion. Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious-conviction”

It is perplexing, how the cynical Priests were able to subjugate ‘Shudras’ and ‘Women’
to be in a state of ‘Passivity’ during last 2000 years, specially after banishment of Buddhism.  All by ‘Fear-Mongering’ and promise of a place in heaven. (GITA Chap.9 – 32,33)

 How many Hindus know that ‘Linga’ (Phallus) worship was prevalent among primitive Hebrew Tribes, long before it was adopted by Vedic Brahmins. It is really disgusting to see that a tribal cult is practiced in 21st century.

There is much more to tell the youth, to make them aware of the dangers  of  indoctrination of Saffron-Ideology, some of which is being witnessed in many parts of India.