The So Called Science of God-Revelation

Yadneshwar Nigale

Ms Uma Kulkarni had written an article on the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno. This article had appeared in ‘Shabdasohala’ (a Marathi Magazine) on the 16th of October. The word ‘Shabdasohala’ literally means ceremony of words. The above experiment was allegedly performed on the ship named Eldritch, during the investigation into the ‘Bermuda Triangle Mystery’. Ms Kulkarni has tried to explain the mystery that is supposed to have occurred, using scientific Jargon. She explains, ‘when as a part of this secret experiment, the time-plane under the influence of electromagnetic field was turned in some specific degrees, the ship disappeared; and when turned in 90 degrees the ship and the people on it lost all contact with life on earth. The ship and the things on it were wandering in different dimensions at that time. Narrow- minded persons trying to get out of that dimension jumped from the ship.’ The writer alone knows what all this means but she adds even further, ‘Some scientists believe that gods are beings, more advanced than human beings living on earth but living in another dimension. The dimension in which we live and the dimension of the gods meet when a specific time-plane occurs and at such occasions, things in that particular part are able to relate and become visible to one another. (This is when seeing god becomes possible.)’

The writer has thus tried to explain the so called ‘science’ behind the phenomenon of seeing god. She has used the scientific jargon such as- Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, the formula for light, electro-magnetic field, nuclear rays, etc. to explain the so called scientific foundation of god-manifestation. People take such statements gilded in scientific terms to be authentic. But they are not. It is necessary here to examine such overbearing verbose statements made by Ms Kulkarni in her article and by others elsewhere, lest gullible people are fooled by them.

The information given by the writer regarding the Philadelphia Experiment is a small part of a letter that Carlos Mingel Alende had written to an astronomer, Dr. Morris Jessup. Alende alias Carl Allen was a sailor on the Merchant Ship called Andrew Furuse.  While working on this ship he saw another ship Eldritch, just disappearing from the sight; and as he reports, the same ship reappeared in the Norfolk region later. Actually he had made this statement on the basis of a news item that was published in a Philadelphia news paper. Allen had also said that during 1944-46, the Philadelphia news paper had reported that chicken hearted men jumped off the ship. (He did not give the exact date when the news paper was published.) A book, ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ was published on this tragic incident in 1979. This book was written by two authors Barliz and Moor and sold like hot cakes. A news paper clipping of this tragic incident reported earlier was also published. However this clipping does not agree with any news item published in the Philadelphia News papers around that time.

Dr. Jessup, believing in what Allen reported examined the details of the Philadelphia Experiment. He found that the two ships-one on which Allen was employed and the other on which the Philadelphia Experiment was performed came closer to each other on 16th of August 1943 but never again. But Allen reported that he saw the Philadelphia Experiment ship disappear on 28th October 1943. Dr. Jessup’s investigation reveals the fallacy in Allen’s report.

Moreover more astonishing is the fact that no such thing as the Philadelphia Experiment was ever carried on, on any ship. This was made clear by the American Navy. The navy also affirmed, in no uncertain terms, that not only the Philadelphia Experiment but no such other experiment was ever conducted on any ship whatsoever. In short the much talked about Philadelphia Experiment that stirred the world of the scientists so violently was actually a cock-and-bull story. Isn’t it ridiculous to discuss the inferences drawn from an experiment that was never performed as has been attempted by Ms Kulkarni?

Man has been wishfully dreaming for ages, of vanishment of objects into thin air and their re-materialization. Had the alleged Philadelphia Experiment really taken place and all the events described by Allen, the sailor and the authors Barliz and Moor, also had happened, man’s age-old dream too would have materialized. Dr. Franklin Reno of the Philadelphia Experiment would have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize! But man’s dream remained a dream. No Nobel Prize for Dr. Reno. The writers who picked up the idea and elaborated on it, however, made their fortunes!

These days, some people and some institutions have appropriated the right to uphold and conserve, revive and resuscitate our ancient Bhaarateeya Culture solely to themselves. Their aim is to win over and oblige people to accept old traditions and religious concepts. They manipulate and exploit science and scientific terms to gild the obsolete ancient ideas with modern look. Take the example of Agnihotra (maintaining a sacred fire). These self styled preservers of culture insist that Agnihotra is the only and also a sure remedy for cleaning our highly polluted atmosphere. But the fact remains that burning anything, whether sacred or otherwise is bound to emit carbon dioxide and cause pollution. Any chanting of Mantras to sanctify the material to be put into the sacred fire will not change this fact. These very people-out to preserve old traditions- had performed mobile Agnihotra, on trucks, during the Bhopal tragedy but had not cared to find out to what extent, if any, the pollution caused by the accident was reduced by the smoke stemming out of the Agnihotra. Another outlandish claim they make is that reciting the Gayatri Mantra generates certain Microwave frequencies in the body which is essential and very beneficial for human well being. One more amazingly incredible claim they make tells us in which particular direction we should perambulate round any deity. They tell us that auras get generated around all deities (i.e. the idols of the deities). These auras constantly rotate in a circle. We, therefore, should perambulate round the deity in the same direction of the auras –i.e. from the right of the deity to its left. When we do this, some particles from the aura of the deity enter our bodies and protect us from all diseases. All this propaganda, misinforming people using scientific jargon, is nothing but treachery, fooling the gullible people. Has anyone ever examined the so called aura that gets generated round a deity? Similarly the avowal of existence of a range of dimensions on the earth, of existence of life or objects in those different dimensions, vanishing of a particular time-field around objects, etc. is again nothing but an extraordinary perfidy planted on the people.

This article was published in the Dainik Lokamat on 4th November 2005.