Social Entropy vis a vis Hindu Society

Keshava Shet Revankar

In his old book “Tao of Physics” the author Fritjof Capra writes ‘ most of today’s Physicists do not seem to realise the philosophical, social and psychological implications of their theories. Many of them actively support a society which is still based on the mechanistic, fragmented world view, without seeing that science points beyond such view, towards a oneness of the universe”.

In a recent book ‘Grand Design’ by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinov, they have expressed that since people live in the universe and interact with other objects in it, Scientific Determinism must hold for people as well. They go on to write” It is hard to imagine how free Will can operate if our behaviour is determined by Physical law. So it seems that we are no more than biological machines and that Free will is just an illusion.

In the case of people since we can not solve the equations that determines our behaviour we use the ‘ Effective Theory’ that people have Freewill. That Effective theory is moderately successful in predicting behaviour, because, as we all know decisions are often not rational, or are based on a defective analysis of the consequences of the choice. That is why the world is in such a mess.” One concept that scientists explain which has implications in social and Life sciences is the concept of “Entropy”. Entropy is central in description of 2nd law of Thermodynamics, which is one of the basic laws of nature.

In simple language, If an isolated system or closed system is left to itself it continues to evolve at an increasing rate of disorder. The degree of disorder is the entropy of the system This means that the systems go on loosing their internal energy. By contrast an open system is one which can exchange energy and matter with the surroundings. Our Planet and our body are the examples.

We can observe the manifestation of Entropy in the tendency of systems move towards greater confusion and disorder as time passed. The concept of entropy plays an important part in the modern discipline of Information theory, in which it denotes the tendency of communication to become confused by noise and static. It is common experience that whispered rumours undergo a similar garbling which might be described as ” Psychological Entropy ” That is why Social Scientists have adopted this term to call it “Social Entropy “, since they see a similar phenomena in closed social systems, in which there is no Input/ output of energy.

In the context of social systems we observe that the increase of poverty, intolerance and violence as indication of increase of entropy. Closed social systems started due to deprivation and social stratification in around 5000 BC. It is recorded “The earliest urban societies were organised around the worship of local Deities, whose function it was to protect the city and ensure a plentiful of harvest. The Priests who performed the ceremonies linking people to their gods formed an aristocracy. The King was either a priest or was himself considered as God. Social stratification was reinforced the religious establishment’s control of much of the community’s wealth “(Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia) This is the beginning of the ‘Paradox of wealth creating huge population below poverty line”

The above priest-Aristocracy nexus continued in India throughout the post Vedic period. This created stagnation poverty & wide spread suffering. In 6th century BC, Buddha preached to establish a caste less, egalitarian society, rejecting Vedas, afterlife etc. This emancipated the lower castes releasing creative and productive energy which was lying dormant for millennia, thus reversing Entropy. Vedic priests who lost their clout and patronage from the rulers were planning to oust Buddhism by intrigues and violence. Ultimately Buddhists fled en-mass from India. The Vacuum thus created helped them to revive Vedic priesthood. They were bent upon to see that heterodox, rational and secular thoughts will never again sprout. Earlier they had promoted Buddha to be Vishnu’s Avatar out of compulsion to win favours from Buddhist Rulers .now they had to invent a new avatar, since they know that only God’s words with state power could become a strong opiate of the masses.

Krishna a Hero of Mahabharat became the new avatar Lord Krishna and an imaginary dialogue between him and Arjun was chosen as context. Krishna became the author of whatever they wanted to implement.

Thus Bhagvad Gita (BG) was born in verse form, so that only they could interpret arbitrarily. Those who heaped praise on BG did not read with critical insight glossing over lot of contradictions and absurdities. They wowed the language and a few profound aphorisms .The main Agenda of Vedic priests was to boost the morale of the Kshatriya rulers, rationalising war and killing, even though it involves killing of near and dear ones which only made them cruel and insensitive Next they made Krishna declare of creating “Chatur Varna (BG 4-13) and iron-clad caste system to bring whole Hindu society under their influence. Buddha, Jesus and Mahamud were prophets for emancipating the suffering humanity. But Lord Krishna destroyed the whole society condemning 70-80 percent of hindus as shudras whose duty by birth was to serve the upper castes [18-44] During the next 16-18 centuries they went on loosing their creative and productive energy due to exploitation and deprivation ever increasing social l- entropy. Next priority was to creating a wide-based Priestcraft as a lucrative profession.. BG 3– 10,11, 12 says “You worship your Gods, They in turn grant your wishes[ wealth and pleasure] You have to give back to Gods, It is mutual. If you do not give back to god you are a thief.” This became the foundation on which they built a multimillion commercial religious business. The same ancient formula of connecting people to their gods, brought all Tribal Totems, family deities and myriad forms of the Trinity together into a hierarchy of Gods. They invented God-specific menu of rituals, composed mumbo- jumbo chanting and the result is a vast god-market. Vedic Priests became a vested interest in blocking intellectualism, free thought thus raising psychological entropy. Another agenda was to appropriate Kapila’s Sankhya which is purely Atheistic and make it Theistic. Main Postulates of Sankhya are “Prakriti’ (Primordial matter) is governed by 3 Gunas (Modes). They are Prakashasheelam “Satwam”, Kriyasheelam, “Rajo”, and Sthithisheelam “Tamo”. These are nearly parallal to the modern physics. The 3 forces are, Strong nuclear force represent Photons and radiation, (Prakasha), Electro-Week force–all dynamic activities in nature (=Kriya). Gravitational force represents Inertia= Sthithi (That which stands firm). According to Sankya Prakriti creates Ego and consciousness. This confirms scientific determinism. But Lord Krishna claims that he created those Gunas and he is in them but they are not in him.

In recent decades there were signs of rational and secular ideas sprouting in a few quarters. To block this the saffron-forces fueled by the Epicenter of Priesthood have to nurture a new Avatar, to come to power and sustain their hold on the whole society. The strategy is similar to the one used against Buddhists. To create a vacuum and instability, it is first to infiltrate into every organ of the state, police and even Army; mastermind communal clashes, manipulate print and visual Media to market gods and superstitions Etc. The worst antinational act was to block Free-thought and argument preventing Parliament from functioning over a long period to spread distrust, disorder in the governance.

The new Avatar adopted the same method as in BG-First rationalising the Killing and then Philosophizing. The Gap between the past and the present in the minds of the youth and the large middle-class is filled by this Avatar with rhetoric on Pride, past glory, distortion of History, falsity and Pomp of Headgear etc. of the medieval period. An Emotive word Hindutwa is coined to trap the Lower Castes to do their dirty jobs. Even their Stalwarts could not explain as to what is Hindutwa just as the LeT leaders could not define “Jehad”. Lord Krishna glorified himself in Chapter 9&10 and used abusive words like ‘Naradhama and ‘Papi’ against those who breeched “Chatur Varna’ etc. The new Avatar also uses abusive language repetitively Ad – nauseum. Now to cover up their guilt over killing Mahatma Gandhi they are attempting to appropriate the legacy of Sardar Patel.

The tragedy was the State failed miserably to implement, from the beginning, Article 51 to develop scientific temper among younger generations .This should have been at Primary and secondary education to develop awareness against superstition and blind faith.

Even Media at present is found intellectually lacking to enlighten the youth. 80 percent of Hindu society has mortgaged their brains to Priests, Astrologers, and Hundreds of treacherous ‘Gurus’ and Godmen. Even educated Elite are affected by this Spiritual sloth. If a scientist carries a mini–model of space -craft to a temple for Deity’s blessing, we can imagine the extent of increase of ‘Psychological Entropy”.