So called Accurate Predictions Failed!

Prabhakar Nanawaty

Prior to actual voting of Parliamentary Election 2014, Shri Nandkishor Jakatdar, President Brihan-Maharashtra Jotish Mandal held a press conference on 5 Apr 2014. During the press conference he boasted   that he and experts in his organization had studied 4000 horoscopes of candidates of  various parties contesting the election and arrived at a few definite outcome of the election.  correct

Here is a table showing the predictions, election outcome and the inferences arrived at.



Election Result


1 Narendra Modi will not be next Prime Minister   Wrong
2 No party will have absolute majority BJP 282 MPs Wrong
3 Without the assistance of Indian National Congress Party there will not be any Government NDA with 334+ MPs Wrong
4 BJP: 155 -165 seats 282 Seats Wrong
5 Indian National Congress: 115 – 126 seats 44 seats Wrong
6 Nationalist Congress Party: 8-10 seats 6 seats Wrong
7 Shivsena: 10-12 seats 18 seats Wrong
8 Samajwadi Party: 18-22 seats 5 seats Wrong
9 Bahujan Samajwadi Party: 16-18 seats 0 seats Wrong
10 In Maharashtra there will be same situation as was in the last (2009) election   Wrong
11 No future for Aam Aadmi Party   Correct
12 Narendra Modi will win from both – Vadodara and Varanasi –   constituencies   Correct
13 Modi will have tough fight against Aravind Kejariwal of AAP and will win with marginal votes Difference: 371784 votes Wrong
14 No celebrity contesting in Maharashtra will win   Correct
15 Vishwajit Kadam  from Pune will have a tough fight with Anil Shirole Kadam lost with 315769 votes Wrong
16 Vishwajit Kadam   will win   Wrong
17 All Congress Party candidates in Mumbai will win   Wrong
18 Laxman Jagtap from Maval constituency will win Shri Barne won wrong
19 Shivajirao Adhalarao will win from Shirur constituency   Correct
20 Nitin Gadkari will win Nagpur seat just with 5 – 10 thousand more votes than his opposite candidate Difference: 284828 Wrong
21 The next Government may survive hardly 2 – 3 years

Wait and see

22 The Government coming after that election will survive for 5 years

Wait and see

For 21st and 22nd  predictions,  we will have to wait and see. However out of remaining 20 predictions only 4 came true! More ever the predictions were nowhere near   the actual results. The prediction of   Narendra Modi will not become Prime Minister is the greatest blunder made by this team of Astrologers. BJP will not have absolute majority is also one more blunder.

Based on the above inferences one can assume that astrology is fooling the common people with its pseudo-scientific blaw blaw!