Self-style godman arrested for duping woman

Pune: Despite spending lakhs of rupees on pujas and medicines for the last five years, when a Pimpri-based woman could not conceive, she approached the cops against the self-styled godman, on Monday. The police have arrested the ‘baba’ under the relevant sections of Indian Penal Code. The complaint was registered by the victim with the help of Maharashtra Andhrashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS).
The arrested godman has been identified as Dipak Shirumal Motwani alias Paramanand Swami Dnyandipak (38), a resident of Pimpri. He claimed himself as ‘Sai Avatar’ and chants ‘Arji meri, Marji Uski’ (I pray, Lord wish). State Co-ordinator of MANS Milind Deshmukh said, “The citizen approached us against the godman and after checking the reality we approached the police. But some local goons and political person started calling up police pressurising them not to take the case.” B B Mudiraj, inspector in-charge of Pimpri police station said, “We got some call claiming that he is god and many people have got benefited.”
Assistant police inspector S B Patil of Pimpri police, who is investigating the case said, “The arrested godman Dipak was running garment and vegetable business and later he claimed that he went for meditation camp. From past ten years he is running a temple in his house and pose himself as Sai and Lord Krishna.”
On Tuesday, he was produced before the court of judicial magistrate (First class) and has been remanded to police custody for two days.

Courtesy: DNA