Is Baba Ramdev a Yogi?

Arup Isaacs

Baba Ramdev who contorts his body into difficult positions is looked upon as a Yogi by the media and public. A person who simply has the capacity to twist his

Kawach Television

Shruti Ravindran

New Delhi : That’s the other K-channel on Indian TV, where theatrical babas and washed-up actors sell viewers elaborate amulets and a few false hopes “Are people falling ill around

Prize in the sky

John Horgan

Prize in the sky: The Templeton Foundation rewards “spiritual progress,” but what the heck is that? Is there such a thing as a spiritual fact? Finding? Discovery? Something roughly analogous

Dr. Ambedkar and Brahmins

Justice R.A. Jahagirdar (Retd)

Rakshit Sonawane’s account of how Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s son and the so-called followers of Babasaheb treated Dr. Savita  Mai makes very sad reading (Indian Express, Friday, 30th May, 2003). The

Sabarimala Makar Jyothi

Ram Puniyani

One has heard that faith can move the mountains, but this year a mountain could not stand the weight of faith. Tragically on 14th Jan, 2011, a hillock where thousands