Beware of lateral thinking

Antonio Melechi

At the very end of the 19th century, Hugo Münsterberg, a psychologist at Harvard University, warned the American public not to expect too much from his laboratory colleagues in the

Freedom of Religion: Indian Scenario

Ram Puniyani

India is a plural country with many religions. While the majority religion is Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the major religious minorities. While Freedom movement accorded them equal status as

Don’t believe in belief

For millions of people around the world, this Christmas weekend is a special occasion – a time to celebrate the central article of their religious faith, Jesus’s resurrection and ascension

Atheism in 21st Century

Dr. Vijayam

(A speech delivered by Dr. Vijayam at the World Humanist Congress and the World Founding Congress of Freethought at Oslo on 19 February 2012) We are meeting in Oslo on a

God Created the Virus.….

Mohammed Hanif

Is the coronavirus an expression of God’s wrath, a punishment for our sins or, as some of us believers like to think, merely another sign that He is testing us?

India Is No Longer India…

Aatish Taseer

“You realize,” a friend wrote to me from Kolkata earlier this year, “that, without the exalted secular ‘idea’ of India … the whole place falls apart.” India had been on

Confronting Hindutva

Prem Shankar Jha 

Almost four weeks have gone by since the Congress suffered its second crushing defeat at the hands of the BJP, but Rahul Gandhi, still the titular head of the party,