How long should we wait for the arrest of the suspected assassins?

Two years have passed since the brutal murder of Comrade Panasare and 42 months after killing Dr. Dabholkar. The two independent agencies involved in the investigation, viz, CBI of Central Government and SIT of State Government have lodged a criminal case on Sanatan Sanstha and Virendra Tawade of Hindu Jan Jagran Samiti. In both the charge sheets of murder, the names of Sarang Akolakar and Vinay Pawar of Sanatan Sanstha have been mentioned with supporting documents and evidences. Both the Agencies have come to this conclusion independently before lodging charge sheets in the Court. This appears to be very serious matter. In fact Sarang Akolkar, a wanted criminal by NIA, has been served with red corner notice at Interpol in the past. With these proven records, Avinash Patil of Maharashtra ANiS, through the press note, is questioning exasperatingly when will the Government arrest Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar of Sanatan Sanstha?

The press note also points out that Sarang Akolkar and Vinay Pawar are absconded criminals of 2009 Malegao Bomb Blast Case for last seven years. In fact there was no criminal record of Vinay Pawar. Even then he has absconded since the explosion. Hence Maharashtra ANiS demands a quick action for serving a fresh red corner alert notice against these two criminals and announce an award of Rs 25 lakhs to the informers of their whereabouts. The charge sheet also mentions that there was a difference in thinking which has lead to assassinate Dr Dabholkar and Comrade Panasare. This appears to be a very severe conclusion inferred by the agencies.

The documents found by the agencies with these suspects contain false accusations on Dr Dabholkar and Comrade Pansare , some malicious writings and a list of activists and progressive thinkers of Maharashtra. Maharashtra ANiS is insisting that Government should initiate action to give protection to the persons whose names appear in the hit list. The note also states that no person will be safe until and unless Sarang Akolkar, Vinay Pawar and remaining three absconded Sadhak, viz; Pravin Limakar, RudraPatil and Jayaprakash Hegade are put behind the bar. As such they should be arrested without much delay.

In one of the public litigation applications, the High Court has ordered the Government to state their stand on banning the activities of Sanatan Sastha Central Government has taken a stand that State Government had not provided sufficient evidence to ban these organisations. However, the State Police Department had filed a separate charge sheet against Sanatan Sanstha. Even CBI also filed a case in similar manner. The Court has already given a severe punishment to Vikram Bhave and Ramesh Gadkari, both Sadhak of Sanatan Sanstha involved in Thane and Vashi bomb blast cases. The investigating agency of State Government had found sufficient quantity of mind altering medicine in their stock during the raid on Sanatan Sanstha and found that Sanstha used to prescribe these medicines to Sadhak on regular basis. As such the press note insists that the Government should clarify their stand at the earliest.

The press note further mentions that on 16 Feb, Maharashtra ANiS and likeminded organisations in Delhi are organising picketing insisting to arrest the suspected assassins of Dr Dabholkar and Comrade Panasare. The press note further states that the branches of MAHARASHTRA ANIS are organising demonstrations all over Maharashtra insisting that the photographs of suspected assassins to be circulated through all the media.