Bunch of Thoughts

Keshava Shet Revankar

 This article is an attempt to show  the parallel  between Anna Hazare of  Jan Lok Pal {JLP} Bill   and Krishna of Bhagavad  Gita .Anna  Hazare  belongs  to Mahratta  caste and is being  supported   by the  Saffron outfit  called BJP., who primed him with a slogan “‘Jan  Lok  Pal” {JLP]  and using him as a spiritual  Leader  to come to power. Krishna who belongs to Yadava  Caste was a folk- hero  darling of milkmaids and later became a shrewd, flamboyant ,manipulative politician  among Aryan kings.{ If at all this is History }. His  name is used by      the   pariwar of Vaidic/sanskrit scholars, promoted him as vishnu’s Avatar with devine power and put  words in his mouth to implement  their agenda through the document-BG-..The circumstances too are similar While the Sangh wants to grab power by hook or crook, the Vaidic Purohitshahi wanted to perpetuate the Brhaminic supremacy over the entire Hindu society and to claim of their Purity.

After the banishment of Buddhism Hindu society became increasingly supernatural- centered society– lured by abstract, magical, and divine approved Brahminic ceremonial purity. Such a society provides a fertile ground for mushroom like growth of charlatans, Babas of double Sri types, fake spiritual Gurus, Predator–Astrologers, Self deluding Yoga-packages and ever increasing priestly-shenanigans. Modern science has placed in their hands gadgets like cell-phones  etc., but the minds are firmly set in the medieval times.
The evils  of mankind are caused by the Individual’s  self–transcending identification with groups whose common denominator is low intelligence and high  emotionality  {Arthur  Koestler}. Anna Hazare found at the right time, a self-transcending cause of ‘ corruption’  and got the backing of such groups who were fueled by a political force called ” Saffron  Outfit”
Just before Anna announced his resolve of Fasting, he was accosted by a lady reporter from a TV channel. During the conversation he was heard uttering, as though mumbling to himself, a few words from Bhagavad  Gita —-“Sambhawami…..Yuge   Yuge “Krishna had said that  whenever  Evil becomes predominant  He will appear  millinium after millinium to restore morality. Krishna never came even after   3500 years as  promised. Perhaps Anna Saheb might have thought to himself that has now the right to do something Big.
As regards Anna Hazare he comes from a humble background of Mahratta caste, joined Army, came out and settled in his village Ralegan Siddhi. Seeing the conditions  in the village his Army discipline prompted him to bring about some reform.. Hundred others, men and women did become sensitive to social issues and have done significant service in the rural areas. Anna Hazare took up issue of corruption and found success in a few cases of corruption in his state. One significant fact is that all the while he was leading  an absolutely simple life , may be reading     Bhagavad  Gita in Marathi and taking part in singing Bhajans. in a temple. This has created a halo around him and people started touching his feet wherever he went.

When   the mega–corruption cases came to light and the Govt. succeeded in sending half a   dozen prominent men behind bars, the saffron   front were frantic to snatch some  credit to  themselves and found Anna the right choice to stage a huge  agitation. They unleashed their cadre of RSS and ABVP to mobilise and bring Anna on the national Arena. Thus a team of Father, Son, Holy  Ghost and two archangels  was formed which created a high decibel cacophony with the Mantra J.L.P  bill to give an impression to the   masses that this will banish corruption overnight.

The  overflowing of  self -righteousness becomes Hubris  of spiritual kind which has made Anna Saheb loose his track and his later  utterances showed that he has lost his mind also.. There are 70000 villages like his village which are dens of superstitions and a large section of society in towns and villages has sunk to a frightening depth of obscurantism in recent past. He should realise that corruption is ingrained in the Hindu-Psyche. From childhood to the grave Hindu has to bribe Gods through Priests, for every desire and problem, and every God has given a package of rituals to the priests. Marking of Hindutva on the forehead has become a fashion, so much so, that in a  few years it is feared that their grey–cells may turn Saffron.

 Let me quote what Dr. Prabhakara  Kamath. a practicing psychiatrist in U.S.A.last 40 years, has written in website  ‘nirmukta’ in march 2011. “Since God is invisible, first made him visible making an idol of him {what is Maya, the cosmic illusion is brought down and formed into a legion of deities by our crafty Purohits} put him on a pedestal and built a structure  over him to protect him from  nature. In the morning wake him up from sleep by ringing bells and beating drums. Then bathe him with abhisheka, deoderize him with sandal wood  paste, dress him with silk pithambara, adorn him with flowers and jewels, entertain him with songs and dance routine, praise him with mantras and bhajans, warm him with Aarthi, feed him with rice, coconuts and bananas, offer him smoke of yajna, take him for a ride on palanquins and chariots, bribe him with donations so on and so forth. If these activities are  not plain Stupid what is  ? Thus deluded by brahminic shenanigans millions of people visit these Temple–casinos hoping in vain that these Gods would some how fulfill their desires and protect them from evils of life. And the Brahmins operating these Temple–casino–complexes are having a good laugh at the stupid people lining up to get a darshan of their stone idols while  the priests are lining their own deep pockets with cash. ” It is disgusting to  well adorned modern rich ladies bringing    home made butter and curds and smearing them on the stone “Phallus” in shiva temples. .Most of the ancient tribals were      worshipping both male and female reproductive Symbols in stone as fertility rites Hebrew Heathen Religion– Chap. 8 describes the cult in full  details. Later this “linga” of Hebrew tribes became the symbol of their supreme God “Yehwa’ In India people are still practicing tribal cults.

Since  Anna Saheb is not able to  read Bhagavad  Gita with critical insight, only      ‘Sambhawami Yuge yuge’ inspired him. It is necessary to know the truth. Renowned historian Damodhar Dharmanand  Kosambi has this conclusion “Gita with all its brilliant  sanskrit and superb Inconsistencies is a book that allows the reader to justify almost     any action while shrugging off its consequences” Even though some upanishadic profound thoughts are scattered here and there, there are ambiguities and contradictions galore. Listing them chapter by chapter is out of scope of this article. Only a few are mentioned here.

 First chapter itself is a ‘License’ to kill to Arjun. Bhagavad  Gita rationalizes and justifies killing of  one’s     near and dear ones glorifying the duty of a kshatriya. What a pervert philosophy to come from a divinity. All the saints and Prophets spoke of Humanity as one but Bhagavad Gita justifies Genocide. In chap.4:13 Krishna says” Even though I created “Chatur Varna”{Four Castes} I can not  “Roll Back ” giving a eternal warranty clause to  the  Brahmins and Kshatriyas. The consequences were tragic. The four castes divided into thousands of castes. Division always brings conflicts. Thus we see now thousand conflicts, thousand loyalties, and thousand mutinies.  Chatur Varna killed communion within each caste and across castes. Community building was rarely seen in India.   As individuals become self-centered their concern is only for own family and their gods. Krishna’s Chatur Varna erased egalitarianism and compassion within castes and between castes. Shudras were made to obey the Divine mandate that there is salvation in servitude.(chap.18:44) As they can not dream of a better life their creativity and productivity got destroyed over time. As each caste followed their caste–occupation (kula  Dharma) and Kula Deva,[Family Deity] what was inherited at birth got transmitted to the blood-line and this became part of the person himself. These castes remained stagnant  for centuries. That is how social “Entropy” increased Even if the State injects    crores and crores of money state    could not bring about negative Entropy.

Krishnatells in chap.9:32-33 that    women, Shudras and Vaishyas are of sinful origin{ Papa Yoni} They have to surrender to him and sing Bhajans all their life to deserve a place in His Abode (Vaikunta).  But Brahmins and Kshatriyas were already blessed. The author forgot that these two are also born to women. How absurd is this?

 Hazare should now go round the country and exhort Hindus not to bribe the Gods. Instead of mixing Bhajans with politics and making it a cocktail of spiritual fascisms he should pray to gods to divest their hoarded gold and cash worth a trillion Rs. for the welfare of the poor. He should realise that no other people in the world spend   so much money, time and energy on an illusion of immortality created by Brahminism.