Astrology Flops Again!

Narendra Nayak

We have been inviting all those who claim supernatural powers of prediction to come forward and show their efficiency but forecasting the results for the elections from many decades. The elections of 2014 are the most interesting ones and most important from the point of view of the nation. We would like to test the acumen of these innumerable such claimants from all corners of this country and hence have put forward this offer of one million Indian rupees to those who can correctly predict the results of the elections of 2014 within the limits of accuracy and the conditions specified herein.

Predictions are needed for the following:

1. Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?

2. Which party or combination of parties will come to power? ( if it is an alliance details of the constituents has to be provided)

Number of seats which will be won by each party within an error margin of   + 5% (ranges are not acceptable).

3.Bharatiya Janatha Party
4.Indian National Congress.
5.Trinamool congress.
6.Bahujan Samajwadi Party.
7.Samajwadi party
10.Janata Dal (U)
11.Janta Dal(secular)
13. AAP
The number of votes that will be obtained by the following candidates within an error margin of + 5% (ranges are not acceptable)
14.Narendra Modi at Varanasi
15.Rahul Gandhi at Amethi
16.Aravind Kejriwal at Varanasi
17.B.Janardhan Poojary at Mangalore

18.L K,Advani at Gandhi Nagar
19.Murali Manohar Joshi at Lucknow.
20. Sonia Gandhi at Rai Bareli.
Those whose entries shall be all correct within a range of 5% margin that is 19 answers right out of the 20 shall be eligible for the prize of rupees ten lakhs. In case of more than one entry being correct, the prize amount shall be equally distributed among the right entrants.
If no answers are received within the specified ranges the prize money will be retained by us.


I had made a prediction when we put forward our challenges to astrologers and all those who possess supernatural powers of prediction to forecast the results of the elections of 2014 – I had said whoever may win or lose but astrology will be a flop and I am glad that my prediction has come true again! We had posed twenty questions to them to predict the results including a googly like how many votes is Murali Manohar Joshi going to win at Lucknow while he is actually contesting from Kanpur! Many had fallen into that trap and had predicted votes for him! But, of course some have got the answer right by saying zero as he is not contesting from there! We have received about 115 or so from all corners of the country and also one from Singapore. Some of them are in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu though we had specified that they should be in English only.

Well we have had people predicting based astrology, palmistry, face reading, pendulum reading and a variety of such and also those saying that we are not astrologers but are predicting based on our assessment of the situation. As usual a non astrologer Mr. Srinath from Bangalore had made the best predictions and his eight answers are right out of twenty .This of course does not mean that he will be getting our ten lakhs as we have specified a qualifying bar of nineteen right out of twenty! By hindsight I can say that we could have even given them a 50:50 chance! One person from Kerala had based his prediction that UPA will win as his late father had appeared in his dreams wearing a dhoti with a tri colour border! There was even one from Hyderabad who had made his predictions based on a number of ‘sciences’ like astrology, face reading and such submitting his entry which was supposed to be opened only on the 16th after counting had started! When we did that, I found that he had given a range (which is not allowed) of 280 to 300 seats for BJP which was one of the few near the mark! Any way he had not answered other questions and hence was allotted only 1 mark out of 20! Most of the astrologers have got 2 to 4 answers right out of the twenty and have flopped miserably as to be expected!

Most of the predictions have come true about the next govt. and the next prime minister though we have had predictions about L.K.Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Aravind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi and A.K.Antony as the next incumbents! So, I retain my hard earned money and will wait for the next elections to come around for the next astrology challenge! For those who are interested, the entries are with me and can be checked by prior appointment.