‘Antaratma’ Bhai- Ye kya Bimari Hai ?

G.K.Shet Revankar

Hello, Barkha Madame, Did you listen today, an  interesting statement by  Swamy  Agnivesh,, in your  Channel, ? He said  that he tried  his best to  persuade Anna  Saheb, to stop the fasting, but he was adamant and he said  ” My Antaratma [ Inner voice] urges him not to yeild” To this The Swamy remarked “What is this ‘Antaratma’  Bhai–ye  kya  Bimari hai ? {What is this sickness]. We had read before that president. Bush too had said ‘ God is on his side ‘. He was also guided by his Antaratma to attack Iraq to eliminate just one man-Sadddam’. A few decades back one Raman  Raghav killed poor pavement sleepers in Bombay , with heavy stones in the night. He too said in the Court that his God told him to do so.

First it was the Zionist lobby that manipulated Bush’s Antaratma. This was exposed in many articles that appeared in  Khaleej Times  by renowned journalists like Alan Sabrosky, Alan Hart and Jeff  Gates.   Second, a mentally deranged man’s inner voice was prompted by God himself. Don’t you believe that Anna Saheb’s ‘Antaratma’ was manipulated by the saffron forces? Is Anna aware of this? May not be, being a very simple man of impeccable character.

We have seen through out the history that these Saffron-Forces were  so crafty, one would not know their diabolical  plans. In India the “Priest Craft’ has become highly sophisticated.  Many decades back Historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in his book ‘World History’ that epicenter of all intrigues could be found in the Church. It is hoped that you journalists would ponder over this, instead of staging aggressive–dramas in your channels to please your bosses– the Media barons.