Ancient Indian Philosophy

V A Menon

Ancient Indian philosophy is based on Atheism. There is no creator or personal God in ancient Hindu philosophy. This belief is borrowed from other religions. Hinduism is not an organized Religion. It is a way of life. That is why festivals and beliefs vary from region to region. Festivals People of northern India celebrate are not celebrated in southern India. ONAM is the biggest  Festival of Kerala, in South India. It’s a harvest festival celebrated by anyone who is a Keralite Irrespective of religions. This festival  is not celebrated by north Indians. Similarly there are  festivals like Vishnu and Thiruvathira celebrated in Kerala. People from other states do not know what these festivals are. People living in various regions developed their own beliefs, festivals and Rituals.  That’s why Hindus are not united as a religion like other religions. Hinduism is famous for its Varieties. Theists and Atheists live together in a Hindu family, which we cannot find in other religions.

For better understanding of ancient Hindu or Indian culture and philosophy one must read the following books by DEBIPRASAD CHATOPADHYA.

  3. LOKAYATA:  a study in ancient Indian Materialism
  4. Science and society in Ancient India
  5. In defense of materialism in Ancient India

When scientists were killed and tortured in the west for their honorable work, in India knowledge was advancing. Indian Rishis (saints) like Aryabhata and Bhaskara explained planetary system centuries before Bruno, Galileo or Newton.  Kanada has propounded Atomic theory centuries before scientist could do it. Charaka and  Susrutha  developed surgical procedures and treatment  methods when medical science was not there. But this growth of knowledge went into oblivion in the middle ages.