Atheism in 21st Century

Dr. Vijayam

(A speech delivered by Dr. Vijayam at the World Humanist Congress and the World Founding Congress of Freethought at Oslo on 19 February 2012) We are meeting in Oslo on a

God Created the Virus.….

Mohammed Hanif

Is the coronavirus an expression of God’s wrath, a punishment for our sins or, as some of us believers like to think, merely another sign that He is testing us?

India Is No Longer India…

Aatish Taseer

“You realize,” a friend wrote to me from Kolkata earlier this year, “that, without the exalted secular ‘idea’ of India … the whole place falls apart.” India had been on

Confronting Hindutva

Prem Shankar Jha 

Almost four weeks have gone by since the Congress suffered its second crushing defeat at the hands of the BJP, but Rahul Gandhi, still the titular head of the party,

Jyotirao Phule: An architect of ideas

Umesh Kumar

B.R. Ambedkar’s fascination with Jyotirao Phule goes beyond the fact that he considered him a guru. Ambedkar, recognising the intellectual legacy of Phule, wished to project him on to the national scene. More

Playing with blind believers

Narisetti Innaiah

“Is Vivekananda whom we know different?” that was the title of my article published in Udayam daily. The Telugu daily managed by movie producer Dasari Narayana Rao in 1985 with