Act on Prevention of Social Boycott

After successful introduction of Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other inhuman Evil and Aghori Practice Act, 2013, Maharashtra is the first state to pass Maharashtra Protection of

Answer Us, Uttara Kodi, Jawab Do

Three-week long social media campaign launched to seek justice It has been two years since the assassination of Prof. M. M. Kalburgi, the former Vice Chancellor of Kannada University, Hampi.

Struggle to Preserve Democracy

Megha Pansare

The veteran rationalist thinker, writer and communist leader Govind Pansare was brutally assassinated in Kolhapur on February 20, 2015. More than two years have passed, but justice remains elusive. The

Ahimsa at Odds

K S Jacob

Propagating ahimsa, while permitting structural violence, suggests ethical blindness for individuals and an absence of an enlightened vision for society. India needs to move from a narrow concept of ahimsa

Journalist Who Raged like a Fire

Preethi Nagaraj

Gauri Lankesh, 55 (1962-2017) , raged like fire for causes that she believed were fair and just. Her left-leaning ideology was never about being diplomatic: it was about taking things