Dr. Narendra Dabholkar


Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

Act on Prevention of Social Boycott

After successful introduction of Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other inhuman Evil and Aghori Practice Act, 2013, Maharashtra is the first state to pass Maharashtra Protection of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016 (Mah Act No XLIV of 2017). The Bill was passed in both the Continue reading

After 27-yr-long struggle to be accepted, couple takes caste panchayat head on

In January 1990, Umesh Chandrakant Rudrap of the Telgu Madelwar Parit Community, who lived in Pune Camp area , got married to Manju after a period of courtship. Manju lived in the same neighbourhood and was a Buddhist. The caste panchayat of the Telgu Madelwar Parit Community refused to accept the inter-caste marriage, Continue reading

Answer Us, Uttara Kodi, Jawab Do

Three-week long social media campaign launched to seek justice

It has been two years since the assassination of Prof. M. M. Kalburgi, the former Vice Chancellor of Kannada University, Hampi. Kalburgi was a noted scholar in the field of culture of the people of Karnataka. His murder on 30 August Continue reading

Struggle to Preserve Democracy

The veteran rationalist thinker, writer and communist leader Govind Pansare was brutally assassinated in Kolhapur on February 20, 2015. More than two years have passed, but justice remains elusive. The same is true for Narendra Dabholkar and M.M. Kalburgi, whose second death anniversary is three months away. All three men were also killed Continue reading

Obsession with Rape Accused Babas

Murder, rape, castration, abduction a rap sheet as long as his arm and yet Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insans followers are ready to die for him. Many of those who sought to intimidate the state government and judiciary by converging in large numbers on Haryanas Panchkula town (where Continue reading

Ahimsa at Odds

Propagating ahimsa, while permitting structural violence, suggests ethical blindness for individuals and an absence of an enlightened vision for society. India needs to move from a narrow concept of ahimsa to a broader vision, which renounces structural violence.

Reconciling ahimsa with structural violence pervasive in India exposes the contradictions of the Continue reading

Freedom from Superstition and Unreason


It is really painful to hear about the recent instances of people believing in superstitions. The rumours being spread in and around Delhi about womens braids being chopped off is a recent example. We still have cases like a pregnant woman delaying seeng doctor because of lunar eclipse. These cases, Continue reading

Journalist Who Raged like a Fire

Gauri Lankesh, 55 (1962-2017) , raged like fire for causes that she believed were fair and just. Her left-leaning ideology was never about being diplomatic: it was about taking things heads on. Whether she was speaking out against communal politics or about the caste system, Gauri Lankesh never minced her words. She did Continue reading

Gauri Lankesh Has Taught Us Once Again How to Be Fearless

On the day of Ganesh visarjan, Gauri is gone.

The last I met her was a week back.

That was at the entrance tothe residence of the chief minister of Karnataka.

I had gone there with the literary critic and activist Rajendra Chenni to express our anguish Continue reading

Intolerant Voices Find Strength in our Silence

Be careful about what you post on social media. We live in dangerous times, I told Gauri Lankeshlast week. Shereplied saying We cant be so dead. It is human to express and react. What we feel impulsively is usually our most honest response.

On Tuesday night,she was shot and killed in Continue reading

Pushpa Bhargava, Scientist And Activist, Dies At 89

Veteran molecular biologist and a vehement critic of genetically modified crops, Pushpa Mittra Bhargava, died at his home in Hyderabad on Tuesday (1 Aug 2017). . He was 89. He is survived by a son and daughter.

Dr Bhargava, while active, had recently developed kidney complications and was undergoing dialysis. This Continue reading

True Commitment to Science Will Restrict the Practice of Religion

Science and religion both concern us because we cant do without science and its derivative, technology, and religion has been woven into the fabric of our society over many centuries. However, the methods that science and religion use to find an answer to a question, to solve a problem or simply to find Continue reading