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Two Years after That Dark Day…

A letter to Late Dr. Narendra Dabholkar……

Dear Doctor,

Two years after that dark day, our organisation is bravely fighting against the brazen government machinery and the intense darkness of superstitions, carrying the torch of the thought you gave us. With our hearts full of grief and anger we Continue reading

Harrowing Experience of Kanifnath Fair

This year also as usual there was Kanifnath Fair at Panchmarhi.( Also known just as Madhi.) Worshippers reached the summit with sticks in their hands. They worshipped Kanifnath. But there were no Caste & Community Council (CCC) meetings. No long drawn arguments, no free supply of liquor, no violence, no hitting of the Continue reading

Herd Mentality in Politics

HUMANS are smart enough to make it to Pluto. But that’s only if we use our brains well. At the instinctual level nature condemns our species to conformity and uniformity. Our brains are hardwired in a way that belief often gets precedence over reason, and conformity over individual judgement. Clever experiments in Continue reading

Death of an Author

All humans are mortal. An author, being human is mortal too. This old Socratic logic comes to one’s mind because the present literary discourse is replete with the issue ‘Death of an Author’. We have already seen how the three extra-literary forces -media, market and money- affect the literature of the day. Now Continue reading

Real Tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru

Seventy-five years from now, in 2089/90, there will be 200th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nobody in this hall, despite my best wishes, would be present on that occasion. But indeed, would the Indians at that time organize the 200th anniversary of Pandit Nehru? Even now birth and death anniversaries of great people Continue reading

Be an Enlightened Hindu

Long time ago I came to the conclusion that there is really no point in writing an article or a book if the reader could get the same information from other sources. So my work must be original in content. In this series of articles, I will share with our family members the Continue reading

Holy Cow-Beef and Indian Political Games

Can the dietary practices, the animal which is worshipped as a mother by section of population, be brought in on the political arena? While all this sounds surreal, it’s true as far as the role of cow is there in Indian political firmament. Recently Maharashtra Government got the Presidents assent to the Continue reading

The Social Watch

For thousands of years the man has tried to measure time – the movement along ‘fourth dimension’. The devices, used to measure and keep track of this movement, have refined from candle-clock, time-stick, sun-dials, verge escapement mechanism etc. The pendulum clock, invented in 1656, was easily reproducible and became integral part of household Continue reading

Intolerance has a Name…

This intolerance debate has been wrongly framed. Mainly because the opposition is not competent and the government has focused on politics. The questions we are dealing with so far are: Is India becoming intolerant? Is India less or more intolerant than before? etc. Already we can see the vagueness emerging.

Aamir Continue reading

What a Common Muslim thinks of ISIS Terror?

Paris attack last week (November 13, 2015) came as a shocker for the Muslims of India, who are already living under watching eyes of their friends and neighbors for their ‘inherent qualities’ of eating beef, ‘love jihad’, ‘intolerant and violent nature’, ‘keeping more than one wife’ and ‘breeding like pigs—which ultimately led to Continue reading

The Disturbing Psychological Impact of Superstitions on Children

The world still has its handful of superstitions and mystical, pre-Enlightenment religious beliefs do still hold sway in society. In some Asian cultures the vast number and the disturbing depth of superstitions that dominate can often paralyze the lives of locals and lead to severe anxiety. In Bangladesh, for instance, tabeej (or voodoo Continue reading

“You are just like us.”

So it turned out you were just like us!

Where were you hiding all this time, buddy?

That stupidity, that ignorance

we wallowed in it for ages –

look, it arrived at your shores too!

Many congratulations to you!

Raising the flag of religion,

I guess now you’ll be setting up Hindu Raj?

Continue reading