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Yesterday Basavanna, Today Kalburgi

The esteemed literary scholar M M Kalburgi was shot dead outside his home in Dharwad on 30 Aug 2015, producing a wave of speculation on the identity and motive of his killers. Kalburgi died in hospital after being shot at close range by two assailants, who arrived at his doorstep at 9 Continue reading

Killing a Rationalist: Silencing Reason

The killing of Professor Maleeshappa Madhivallapa Kalburgi on 30th August 2015 came as a severe jolt to all those who are for an open, liberal society, who uphold the values of reason and are against blind faith. Prof. Kalburgi was a renowned scholar with over 100 books to his credit. He had brought Continue reading

Building Scientific Temper: My Experiences

Thinking about the modern scientific method became a part of my learning when I turned 18 and had started studies in an engineering college. Reading books like ‘Sense and Nonsense in Psychology’ by HJ Eysenck and ‘Fads and Fallacies in The Name of Science’ about pseudo-scientific claims and their exposure by Martin Gardner

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Humanity’s Triumph

Lokayat – Barhaspatya – Charwak Mat

All the above three are the names of the selfsame philosophy of life propounded by the Charwaks who refuted religion. What they denied were the Karmakand (rituals-rites- observances), Charturvarnya (division of society into four original castes-Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra) and the predisposition towards Continue reading

Gujarat Withdraws Books with ‘anti-Hindu’ Ambedkar Remarks

The book, Rashtriya Mahapurush Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar, written in Gujarati by Dalit scholar P A Parmar, was selected by the state government’s Department of Social Justice & Empowerment. The Gujarat government has withdrawn a book on Dr B R Ambedkar that was distributed to students of Class VI-VIII in government Continue reading

Renaming Aurangzeb Marg

Following the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)’s ingenious decision to change the name of Aurangzeb Road, one of those leafy avenues in Lutyens’ Delhi (note to self: stop invoking Lutyens, find a shuddh Hindu alternative) to “Bharat Ratna Dr Avul Pakeer Jainulabideen Abdul Kalam Road,” it should be borne in mind that aur Continue reading

Excessive Attachment to Religion

The cliche, “Religion is opiate of people,” has been around for over two hundred years. No doubt, religion has given solace to billions of aching souls for several thousand years, and has led people safely through wars, pestilence, famine, natural disasters and other calamities. Religion inspired and nurtured literature, poetry, architecture, sculpture, morality, Continue reading

Philosophy of Rationalism from Socrates to Periyar

What is rationalism?

Rationalism is a philosophy which regards reasons to be the chief source and test of knowledge. Rationalists believe that every human problem can be solved in the best possible manner by rationalistic approach. It has historical origin in scientific approach, rational choice in decision-making, secularism and irreligion. It Continue reading

On Being Right about Right and Wrong

An Interview with Michael Shermer

Harris: You appear to believe, as I do, that morality can (and should) arise out of a concern for the well-being of conscious creatures. But this normative claim is distinct from an evolutionary account of how we came to have moral emotions and Continue reading

The Fallacy of the God Gene

Two major newspapers did what all mainstream media do best: Get the story wrong. The New York Times published “The Evolution of the God Gene” by Nicholas Wade in which we are told that, “religion has the hallmarks of an evolved behavior, meaning it exists because it was favored by natural selection.” We Continue reading