Dr. Narendra Dabholkar


Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar: A Pragmatic Rationalist

The emotional dust due to killing of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar raised might have settled down by this time. It is high time now that we look at him with a rational approach and recapitulate his achievements in the changed circumstances. Of course, we know that he is not there to answer if we Continue reading

A Neoliberal Hindutva Cocktail: A new RSS-BJP Compact?

Has India’s mainstream media decided to pay mere lip service to the Constitution’s fundamental values of secularism and liberalism while ignoring daily attacks on them by the Sangh Parivar, an extremist organisation in which the Bharatiya Janata Party is deeply embedded? Going by the media’s silence on several recent developments, that does seem Continue reading

Ravindranath Tagore: His Concept of the Nation/State

The mythological tale of the demon Bhasmasur is well-known. On whosever’s head he would put his palm on was burnt to ashes. It appears that now-a-day it is the Sangh Parivar which is bent upon converting itself into Bhasmasur. It has started putting its hand on the heads of many of our national Continue reading

Bhakti-Sufi Traditions: Uniting Humanity

In contemporary times, religions’ identity is being used as cover for political agenda. Be it the terrorist violence or the sectarian nationalism in various parts of the World, religion is used to mask the underlying politics. While one was talking of separation of religion and politics many decades earlier, the times have been Continue reading

Bigotry without Apology

In our world today, there is much which has become globalized — the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the films we watch, the songs we dance to, and the social networking sites on which we compulsively exhibit our lives in real time. But, in my travels during the past decade, I Continue reading

A Battle Bangladesh Must Win

It was a murder announced well in advance. An important suspect, Shafiur Rahman Farabi, now in custody, told his Facebook friends a year ago — on February 9, 2014 — that Avijit Roy lived in the US, “So it won’t be possible to kill him now. He can be killed when he returns.” Continue reading

Bhagavad Gita: Rashtriya Granth?

The Government at the Centre has been slowly but steadily attempting to sink its venemous fangs into the unwary public. Imposing Hindi through the TV, Sanskrit replacing German in Kendriya Vidyalayas and Teacher’s day becoming Guru Utsav are a few of its examples. The latest in this hide and seek play is the Continue reading

God and Rituals: Meaningless Quest of Mankind

PK is indeed a bold and a brave come back by the Rajkumar Hirani – Aamir Khan – Vidhu Vinod Chopra combo that gave us the 2009 hit ‘3 Idiots’. By then, ‘3 Idiots’ was a satire on our education system. Now, the target of the film makers is a sensitive topic which Continue reading

More Lethal than RAW

Our generals say India’s spy agency RAW is up to its nasty tricks again. No evidence provided but, okay, we’ll buy the story for now. There are two good reasons. First, it’s safer not to question the wisdom of generals. Second, they speak from deep experience, having long played the spy-versus-spy game across Continue reading

Bertrand Russell’s What I Believe

“There are forces making for happiness, and forces making for misery. We do not know which will prevail, but to act wisely we must be aware of both.”

Bertrand Russell (May 18, 1872–February 2, 1970) is one of humanity’s most grounding yet elevating thinkers, his writing at once lucid and luminous. Continue reading

Why does India think every brown woman with a white man is promiscuous?

Elephant Beach in the Andamans was not where I thought I would have to justify my life choices. Yet there I was, feet dipped in clear water, staring into the horizon, trying to convince two middle-aged women whom I did not know that the man I was with was indeed my husband.

Continue reading