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Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

How People Are Fooled by Evidence

Rationality is the crowning achievement of our species. The ability to use evidence is true the cornerstone of science, medicine, and our legal system. We use rational methods, too, in daily life – we assess an applicant’s resume, a child’s IQ, or the mileage of a used car to predict the likelihood of Continue reading

Carl Sagan on Science and Spirituality

“The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.” The friction between science and religion stretches from Galileo’s famous letter to today’s leading thinkers. And yet we’re seeing that, for all its capacity for ignorance, religion might have some valuable lessons for secular thought and the two Continue reading

Is Sant Rampal any better than a hostage-taking terrorist?

What is the difference between a terrorist taking hostages for his own safety and a Haryana godman who uses hapless women and children as human shields to protect himself from the law? The latter’s culpability should be seen as something worse, for a terrorist is a terrorist, someone who always operates outside the Continue reading

Rampal’s Rs. 1000-crore empire collapses in 10 days

Till 10 days ago, he ruled over an empire worth over Rs. 1,000 crore and had thousands of followers who would give their lives for him. On Thursday, when The Hindu visited the cell of self-styled godman Rampal in the Civil Lines police station here, his possessions were a durrie and a couple Continue reading

Tampering with Scientific Temper

In early November, the Prime Minister announced that an important initiative to celebrate the 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru was the “promotion of scientific temper among children”. Endorsing this view, a few days later, the Home Minister, who is also the convener of the committee tasked to organise the celebrations, lauded Nehru’s Continue reading

Bhagavadgita as conceived by ‘Khattar’ Uncle

Khattar Uncle saw Bhagavadgita in my hand and said, “You seem to read the Gita these days, my son? If you do, I must keep off from you.” Surprised, I said, “Why, Uncle?” “Look, young man. Initially, Arjuna was all love and affection. ‘These are my brothers, these are my uncles and he Continue reading

“Yoga Ministry” Stirs Doubts among Scientists

India has only now begun giving significant impetus to traditional medicine, and is still far behind China, which started efforts to modernize traditional Chinese medicine and integrate it into its health-care system immediately after the Communist Revolution of 1949. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has thrown his weight behind the country’s traditional systems Continue reading

Transplanting Elephant Head on Human Body!

One of the best parts of childhood for me was to enjoy the mythological tales and become aware of the world where Lord Hanuman could fly, as the emergency herbal treatment is to be delivered to his master’s brother; Laxman. Lord Ram travelling by Pushpak Viman (aero plane), Lord Ganesha being planted with Continue reading

The Rise of Unreason

Some 300 years ago the age of reason lifted Europe from darkness, ushering in modern science together with modern scientific attitudes. These soon spread across the world. But now, running hot on its heels is the age of unreason. Reliance upon evidence, patient investigation, and careful logic is giving way to bald assertions, Continue reading

Pope Francis says evolution is real and God is no wizard

Delivering an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope Francis continued his habit of making provocative, seemingly progressive statements. The pontiff appeared to endorse the theory of the Big Bang and told the gathering at the Vatican that there was no contradiction between believing in God as well as the prevailing scientific Continue reading

Mangalyaan + Unlucky Tuesdays

Few Indian achievements have led to instant national pride as much as the success of ISRO’s Mangalyaan or Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) to Mars. Media gushed, Twitter and Facebook celebrated while every politician and celebrity congratulated ISRO for days. The last comparable Indian gush was the cricket World Cup victory in 2011. Make Continue reading

“Why The Right To Dissent Is Indispensable?” – Romila Thapar

When Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani famously said of the media during the Emergency that “when asked to bend, they crawled”, he received widespread praise from the intelligentsia and even from people opposed to the BJP’s ideology—because he spoke the truth about the loss of independence and professional integrity on the part Continue reading