Dabholkar, Dissent and Democracy

Priyanka Kakodkar

At 7.20 a.m. on August 20, 2014,  supporters of the courageous and gritty rationalist Narendra Dabholkar will gather near the Omkareshwar Temple in Pune, where he was gunned down while

Supernatural Mumbo-Jumbo

Atish Dabholkar

It defies credulity that the Maharashtra Police have come to rely on supernatural mumbo-jumbo  in the investigation of the murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar. It is particularly ironic in the

Faith versus Science

Rakesh Shukla

‘Spirits and demons are only projections of man’s own emotional impulses.  “Totem and Taboo” Sigmund Freud (1913)   Failure in Love, Evil-Eye of the Enemy, Lack of Progeny, Loss in

Astrologers, No, Swindlers!

Hari Mohan Jha

That day the astrologer was studying the almanac. Then Uncle (खट्टर काका!) suddenly came there. When the astrologer saw him, he was in trepidation and began to pack up the

We’re Superstitious!

We’re making a sizable dent in the glass ceiling, managing home and work with the dexterity of accomplished jugglers and have access to breaking news in health and technology. Yet,