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Dabholkar, Dissent and Democracy

At 7.20 a.m. on August 20, 2014, supporters of the courageous and gritty rationalist Narendra Dabholkar will gather near the Omkareshwar Temple in Pune, where he was gunned down while on a morning walk exactly a year ago. Through street plays and songs, anti-superstition campaigners will pay tribute to one of India’s foremost Continue reading

One year on, many Dabholkars emerge

Every time a play ended-sometimes in the middle of it too-the 1500-plus people present at the Manohar Mangal Karyalay in Pune burst into applause. Gathered here for a programme to mark the first death anniversary of rationalist and anti-supersition activist Narendra Dabholkar, they required no goading; no announcements saying “Please give them a Continue reading

Exclusive investigation: Dabholkar Murder

(Ten months after the killing of noted rationalist Narendra Dabholkar, we are none the wiser about his killers. Ashish Khetan visits Pune and Mumbai to reconstruct a near-perfect murder and a ‘spirited’ police investigation hits an absurd, irrational low.)

The Maharashtra Police is notorious for messing up critical Continue reading

Supernatural Mumbo-Jumbo

It defies credulity that the Maharashtra Police have come to rely on supernatural mumbo-jumbo in the investigation of the murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar. It is particularly ironic in the context of the life-long mission of Dr Dabholkar which was dedicated to bringing about a society based on rationalism and the ideals of Continue reading

What is the Source of ANiS’ Strength?

Many Social Activists used to ask Dr. Dobholkar, “Your organization has spread to every nook and corner of Rural Maharashtra and attracts attention of the media with constantly ongoing innumerable activities; and yet how does it remain free of factionalism, casteism, indiscipline and many other ills like paucity of funds and shortage of Continue reading

Faith versus Science

‘Spirits and demons are only projections of man’s own emotional impulses.

“Totem and Taboo” Sigmund Freud (1913)

Failure in Love, Evil-Eye of the Enemy, Lack of Progeny, Loss in Business, Alcoholism of Husband, Dispute of Property, Daughters’ marriage, Neighbours’ Envy …All Problems Solved! Contact Continue reading

Shankaracharya says no to worship of Sai Baba

The phenomenon of God is probably the most complex one in the World. For believers there is a range of belief system about the supernatural powers. For agnostics it is ‘I don’t know’ and for atheists there is no supernatural power. The systems of thought relevant to the topic range from Animists (nature Continue reading

Ethics, Morals and Laws in Business

It was a delight to see a new book on ‘ethics as the foundation of business’. As one of IIM-A Business Books, this book on “Being Ethical” covers vital aspects of running any small or large business. A chapter each is devoted to basics of ethics, ethical analysis, and ethical issues related to Continue reading

Astrologers, No, Swindlers!

That day the astrologer was studying the almanac. Then Uncle (खट्टर काका!) suddenly came there. When the astrologer saw him, he was in trepidation and began to pack up the almanac and his other belongings. Uncle accosted him, “What are you studying, my dear astrologer?”

“The newly-wed bride is still Continue reading

We’re Superstitious!

We’re making a sizable dent in the glass ceiling, managing home and work with the dexterity of accomplished jugglers and have access to breaking news in health and technology. Yet, when it comes to menstruation, women in 21st-century urban and semi-urban India, still prefer to err on the side of superstition, going by Continue reading