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Asghar Ali Engineer’s Struggle for Preservation of Plural Ethos

The events of last over two decades have shown us, more than before that the efforts of dividing the nation by communal forces have been a major obstacle to social peace and process of development. In India while the communal violence began with the Jabalpur riot of 1961, it is from last couple Continue reading

Irrationality of Astrology

The stars in the sky, twinkling from such a vast distance, allured the primitive man. They regularly appeared in the sky and moved in their set orbit day after day, year after year without fail. As compared to this, man’s life on earth was insecure and irregular. The order and persistence in their Continue reading

God’s Changing Role in Politics

K Siddaramaiah, a rare Indian politician who wears his atheism on his sleeve, took the oath as the next chief minister of Karnataka on Monday by solemnly affirming to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India. Siddaramaiah’s atheism may not have been noteworthy if the news of his election on Continue reading

Oh, My God!!

We considered how the common man has answered the question: ‘Who is God?’ (Or, what is God?) Let us now examine the nature and antecedents of these deities on the basis of the stories put together by people. From the list of deities that we considered above, we may eliminate the Ashwatha (tree), Continue reading

Mystique of Religion

I’m so optimistic that I expect to live to see the evaporation of the powerful mystique of religion. I think that in about twenty-five years almost all religions will have evolved into very different phenomena, so much so that in most quarters religion will no longer command the awe it does today. Of Continue reading

The Visa Granting Balaji of Chilkur

In northern state of Punjab, a gurudwara is believed to help those planning to immigrate to other countries. Once the wish is fulfilled, they offer aircraft to gurudwara. Down south, people believe that a visit to a temple is a sureshot success to get visa to go abroad. Believers throng this place—popularly known Continue reading

Techies petition ‘Visa Balaji’

Washington / New Delhi: Ravi Shanker makes weekly pilgrimages to Chilkur Balaji temple outside Hyderabad, India, asking for a little help on immigration from an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Shanker, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, a top engineering school, is praying for an H-1B visa to enter the Continue reading

Are You Ruled by Superstitions?

Hats are traditional at a wedding, but not compulsory. If you’re like many other middle-aged, middle-class women, I think of myself as perfectly rational. I don’t believe a shower of rain means the weather-gods are angry, or that wearing green is unlucky. But I do find myself crossing my fingers when I’m hoping Continue reading