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Albert Einstein’s Historic 1954 ” God Letter”

Religious apologists cannot entirely be blamed for claiming Albert Einstein as one of their own. He was fond of quoting “God” as a poetic metaphor, in rather irresponsible fashion although, to be fair in turn to Einstein, he couldn’t have anticipated the extent of today’s dishonest quote-mining. So it is good to see this letter, Continue reading

Believe It or Not

I have often wondered if it’s a believer or an atheist who is better for Earth. And, with the amassed wisdom of several decades, I now declare it is, of course, the non believer — be it an agonistic or an atheist. Because at least he will not come after you with a hatchet like Continue reading

Can Sita be the Role Model for Contemporary Women?

Women’s struggle to break the shackles of patriarchy and come of their own is a part of democratization/secularization process of society. InIndiawhile this equality has been granted right with the implementation of Constitution in freeIndia, the social realities are far from those of equality. With the rise of cultural, religious and social norms, which accompany Continue reading

A Car that Runs on Water?

In recent days, talk show hosts who really should know better have been touting a peculiar invention known as the water kit. An engineer has claimed to have found a way to use water as a fuel that can run cars. He claims to have done this by splitting the oxygen and hydrogen molecules in Continue reading

The Water Car Fraud

Agha Waqar Ahmad deserves a medal from the people ofPakistanfor his great service to the nation. In a few short days, he has exposed just how farPakistanhas fallen into the pit of ignorance and self-delusion. No practical joker could have demonstrated more dramatically the true nature of our country’s political leaders, popular TV anchors and Continue reading

It’s Time to Eradicate Superstitious Beliefs from Society

Activists blame that due to lack of political will the Anti-superstition Bill has not seen the light of day. Though the bill has been approved five times by state cabinet and has been finally introduced in the assembly, it is yet to be debated. Many feel the new law will help uproot evil practices followed Continue reading

Miracle Buster: Why I Traced Holy Water to Leaky Drain

What was the so-called “miracle” you recently investigated in Mumbai?

The priest and the very active Catholic laity organisations associated with the Our Lady of Velankanni church in Mumbai were promoting the idea that water dripping from the feet of a statue of Jesus was a sign from God. Hundreds of believers flocked to the Continue reading

Miracle or Mirage?

Who are you,

Who am I

And who is he

He is the who of the you in the I of the you in which the he in which you are the I and I is the you and that you in you and he in you……

Can you make out anything meaningful in this Continue reading

Extra Sensory Power

Shri Shivaram Barve from a Village in Dicholi often writes on various topics in the daily ‘Navaprabha’. In one of his recent articles he has raised a question, ‘can telepathy exist?’ The curiosity and the quest of knowledge of this gentleman are admirable. Telepathy is considered to be one of the so called miraculous, supernatural Continue reading