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Rashtrapita Jotiba Phuley and Satyashodhak Samaj

Rashtrapita Jotiba Phuley during his social movement of initial 15 years had been propogating his views, preaching at public meetings, through leaflets and booklets the importance of education and exhorting the lower castes to educate their children and to redeem themselves from the evil customs, wicked prejudices and wily precepts imposed on them Continue reading

Temple Building: Lucrative Business

A member of the cabinet of Manohar Parrikar withdrew his support from the Government. He was accused of extracting commission from various contractors. He had built temples at many places with his ill gotten riches. While criticising the wily ways of this minister, the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar stated, ‘Utilizing the ill-gotten Continue reading

Business and Politics of Blind Faith

Sanal Edamaruku, a rationalist is facing the legal trap for abusing others’ faith. (April 2012) At the same time in another event, Nirmal Baba, who is supposed to be having divine powers and who has been flashing his paid programs in over 40 TV channels, advising people on solving their problems with various’ Continue reading

The Sleep of Reason

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya produced a series of etchings in 1797, the most famous of which he titled: El sueño de la razón produce monstruos (The Sleep of Reason brings forth Monsters).

In this masterpiece of thought and technique, a writer is asleep at his desk, his head resting Continue reading

The skeptic

One of the problems with skepticism is that you’re typically not in charge of your own agenda: you spend much of your time reacting to the claims other people make. This is often discussed in skeptical circles with some dismay. In this country, Richard Wiseman and Ben Goldacre have both done a good Continue reading

Religion is irrational, but so is atheism

28 March 2011 by Jonathan Lanman Magazine issue 2805. Subscribe and save For similar stories, visit the The Big Idea and The Human Brain Topic Guides

Why are some people religious and others atheists? Do we really know what we mean by atheism? Here is a very paradoxical clue

IN Continue reading

Haj Subsidy: Why So Much Ruckus?

In the verdict of May 8, the Supreme Court had directed the government to taper off and eventually stop Haj subsidy given to Muslim pilgrims. In fact for all practical purposes, no subsidy had been given to pilgrims at all. In this regard, one should remember that way back in 1990s Government closed Continue reading

Rs 10 Lakhs Pay: Corporates’ Envy, Pujaris’ Pride

To be a priest seems more lucrative an offer than working in anMNCwith an MBA from some prestigious B-school!

Finding it hard to believe? Well, you will soon see reason when you learn what the priests atShreeDwarkadhishTemple, also known as Trilokya Sunder Jagat Mandir at Dwarka, earn for their service. The Continue reading

Lokayata:The spark of rationalism and scientific temper

In ancientIndia, there were broadly three schools of philosophical thought — Vedanta, Sankhya and Lokayata. Vedanta is theistic & spiritual, Sankhya and Lokayata are atheistic & materialistic.

What little we know today about the latter two schools are mostly from derogatory and dismissive references to these in the Vedanta literature.

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