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Prologue: Disenchanting India

Friends, I am an activist of the organization Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti.’ The van you see outside belongs to ANiS. There is a big board in the front of the van which reads vijnanbodh vahini (science-awareness vehicle). Can you guess what that means? It means that we help people understand science. But we Continue reading

Cry ‘Karam Ali Darvesh’

On the Pune-Satara road you come across a village, Khed Shivapur, about 30 miles away from Pune. Near the road, at the turn into the village, is situated the shrine of Karam Ali Baba. This shrine is visited by people of all religions. It is called ‘Karam Ali Darvesh Darga’. Off and on Continue reading

Srimad Bhagwat Gita: Not a Religious book?

Srimad Bhagwat Gita or Bhagwat Gita or Gita has been in the news recently for various reasons. Few months ago, the matter came up when a Siberian Court in the Tomsk City of Russia was to decide about the ban on the translation of Gita by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad Swami, the founder of Continue reading

The So Called Science of God-Revelation

Ms Uma Kulkarni had written an article on the ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ conducted by Dr. Franklin Reno. This article had appeared in ‘Shabdasohala’ (a Marathi Magazine) on the 16th of October. The word ‘Shabdasohala’ literally means ceremony of words. The above experiment was allegedly performed on the ship named Eldritch, during the investigation into Continue reading

Islam and Female Circumcision

These days a controversy is raging about female circumcision in India among a section of Muslims (Bohras). A woman belonging to the community has sent a petition to issue a farman banning the practice and is also preparing a petition to be filed in the Supreme Court to issue a ban order. Many Continue reading

On Neutrinos and Angels

The news from CERN was stunning: the European nuclear science laboratory had just discovered (September 2011) that particles known as neutrinos — called so because they are neutral and carry no charge — habitually travel a little bit faster than light. This threatened to shake the very foundations of Einstein’s theory of relativity, Continue reading

Rationality Reduces Violence

I don’t have a right to be speaking to you tonight; I’m a parasite. I intended to be in the audience for the award to be given to Rebecca Newberger Goldstein. But when I had the opportunity to do something that might entertain you and help the Foundation, I couldn’t say no.

Continue reading

A Code of Conduct for Rationalists

A rationalist’s approach to educating the deluded masses should be rational and not emotional.

Many rationalists are so incensed by the behavior of the religious fanatics that they become emotional in their retort. Emotional reaction invariably diminishes the logic of the rationalist. Very often the rationalists have their own emotional baggage, Continue reading

Superstition, You Bet

Superstitions are an inherent part of any sport, with racing being no exception. But many in this fraternity might feel that all that is required for a horse to win is good pedigree, conformation and preparation, besides the crucial component of ability.

But in horse racing, many owners, punters and Continue reading

Bunch of Thoughts

This article is an attempt to show the parallel between Anna Hazare of Jan Lok Pal {JLP} Bill and Krishna of Bhagavad Gita .Anna Hazare belongs to Mahratta caste and is being supported by the Saffron outfit called BJP., who primed him with a slogan “‘Jan Lok Pal” {JLP] and using him Continue reading

Temples: A Gigantic Market

What is the biggest market ofIndia? There will be a wide range of answers, from telecom to agriculture or from steel to basic services and each answer will have several justifications; such as- massive turnover, pace of development, manpower and employment, national interest or its moorings in the Indian mode of life. None Continue reading