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Is Bhoomi Puja by State a Secular Act?

It is a common sight to see the statues, photos and symbols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses in different Government owned public places like police station and other buildings. Similarly state run buses also have the photos of Hindu Gods and Godesses. We have stopped thinking whether it is right. It is a Continue reading

When Corruption is Viewed Fuzzily

We are here, all of us, because like many others in this country we are concerned about the rampant corruption that is hollowing out the institutions of our democracy. Twenty years ago, when the era of “liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation” descended on us, we were told that public sector units and public infrastructure Continue reading

Quacks & Quakes

The great Sendai earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, generated not only huge coverage in all the media, but also brought all the crazies out of the woodwork (as any major earthquake or natural disaster does). I’ve discussed the geophysical and geological details in a separate post, but the storm of misinformation Continue reading

MPs and Bribery

Among the Countries that shook off the colonial rule and became independent after the Second World War, India is the only country which has retained democratic regime consistently throughout. The rule of law, as provided in the Constitution of India, has been sustained. Even the eighteen months’ emergency of 1975-77 was at least Continue reading

Treasure of Faith – Hoards of Wealth in Padmnabh Temple

It seems that in this profane world, the ‘Holy’ seem to be most monetarily wealthy. Recently the material goods of the men of God have come to be known more openly than before. Bhagwan Satya Sai of Putthaparthy, not only had over 40000+ crores of wealth; some of this was kept in his Continue reading

Seeing God in tsunamis and everyday events

It’s only a matter of time—in fact, they’ve already started cropping up—before reality-challenged individuals begin pontificating about what God could have possibly been so hot-and-bothered about to trigger last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. (Surely, if we were to ask Westboro Baptist Church members, it must have something to do with Continue reading

Wide-Ranging Questions about India

“The whole value of Marxism seems to me to be in the absence of dogmatism, mode of approach, and in the attitude to action… The success or failures of the Russian social experiments do not directly affect the validity of the Marxian theory.”

–Jawaharlal Nehru, Autobiography

Continue reading

Why do the ANS Oppose Only Hindu Religion

This question is asked deliberately with the intension of discouraging the ANS activists and spawning prejudice in the minds of people. Not only in Maharashtra but even elsewhere in India all Rationalist movements are confronted with the same question with respect to their part in eradicating superstitions. ANS activities do involve critical appraisal Continue reading

‘Antaratma’ Bhai- Ye kya Bimari Hai ?

Hello, Barkha Madame, Did you listen today, an interesting statement by Swamy Agnivesh,, in your Channel, ? He said that he tried his best to persuade Anna Saheb, to stop the fasting, but he was adamant and he said ” My Antaratma [ Inner voice] urges him not to yeild” To this The Continue reading