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Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

Sabarimala Makar Jyothi

One has heard that faith can move the mountains, but this year a mountain could not stand the weight of faith. Tragically on 14th Jan, 2011, a hillock where thousands of devotees had congregated to have a glimpse of Makar Jyothi, due to the melee of the devotees, the hillock crumbled resulting in Continue reading

Idiot Cure

M. Sarath could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the verdict of the biopsy conducted on a growth in his ribs five months ago. How could a healthy 40 something like him be struck by cancer?

So when a friend recommended an alternative medicine practitioner based in Mumbai, he jumped Continue reading

Great Rationalist Justice R.A. Jahagirdar (Retd) passes away

Justice Jahagirdar was born on 15th August, the Independence Day, celebrated all over India. He certainly was a truly Independent Spirit. I met him for the first time on the occasion of the birth centenary of M.N.Roy and was very much impressed by his unassuming, friendly and helpful nature. Till then, being a Continue reading

Death Sentence: Some observations

I have already written on death sentence. My said article has been published in Radical Humanist. I have shown, in that article, how all over the world, public opinion is veering against death sentence. Humanists, by their philosophy, are against death sentence.

Amnesty International is, from the beginning, against it. Human Continue reading

How to Understand Evolution

All religions consistently attack evolution theory. Many theologists struggle to disprove evolution happenings. There are creationists and intelligent design propagandists who put all their effort to weaken evolution theory. Some fundamentalists approached court of law to teach oppose evolution theory in educational institutions and to retain creation holy myths.

Poor fellows, Continue reading

Astrology is a Science: Bombay HC

Astrology has been debunked by most world scientists including India’s renowned physicist Prof. Yash Pal. However, it is “science” in India. The Bombay High Court reaffirmed this on Thursday when it dismissed a PIL that had challenged astrology as science. The PIL was filed by an NGO, Janhit Manch that had sought action Continue reading

Such Phony Godmen!

Narendra Maharaj was spreading his tentacles all over Konkan, Gova and Western Maharashtra quite rapidly. People rushed to Nanij for treatment in thousands. ‘Narendra Leelamrit’ (exhilarating pursuits of Narendra) a book written on this Maharaj and published in the name of his wife had become a point of heated discussion. This book contained Continue reading

Saints and Fakers

India is infested with saints, sadhus, sanyasis, fakirs and other religious charlatans too numerous to mention. One meets them at every corner. The mentality of the uneducated Indian masses forms a particularly favorable environment for them to flourish in. They are privileged beggars and cannot be treated with contempt. For most of them Continue reading

On Astrology

Astrology as an enemy of truth.

“We should take astrology seriously. No, I don’t mean we should believe in it. I am talking about fighting it seriously instead of humouring it as a piece of harmless fun.”

“There’s this thing called being so open-minded your brains drop out.”

“Note, Continue reading

Fraudulent Use of Obsolete Vaastushastra

As highlighted in the Forward written by Prof. R. V. Kolhatkar, Ex Director of Institute of Architecture and Design, Hyderabad, if one goes to any bookstall on airport, railway station or even remotely located town bus stand, there will be number attractively printed and colored books praising Vaastushastra displayed prominently in the showcase. And of Continue reading

Woman: Her Exploitation and Rebellion

In this world many things seem to happen randomly. Even life on earth, they say, has come about accidentally; but not woman’s enslavement. The inferior status to which woman is reduced has not come to pass naturally; it has been wrought by man though he prefers to believe otherwise. At the dawn of Continue reading

Atheist F.A.Q.

Why do you not believe in God?

There is no credible evidence, just like there is no evidence for Gods you don’t believe in Thor, Zeus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc.

Where do your morals come from?

A combination of life experience, family, human nature and the good sense to treat others the way Continue reading