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The Power of Superstition in Public Life in India

Why are superstitions a part of public life in India? The modern mechanisms for risk-management or “disciplines” ranging from statistics to modern medicine exist side-by-side with superstitions in the country. The answer to why these disciplines have not penetrated into the pores of Indian society lies in the history of political power in Continue reading

The Appeal of Rationalism to Thinking Mind

‘Rationalism’ is not speculation – it is utterly practical. It is not a philosophy – it is very down-to-earth. It wants to transform people, not just to stuff their minds with futile, impotent ideas. All ideas of religions as such are impotent. They pretend much, but when you go deep into them, you Continue reading

Rationalism and Secularism:Meaning, Concept & Understanding


Rationalism is “any view appealing to reason as a source of knowledge or justification”. In more technical terms it is a method or a theory “in which the criterion of the truth is not sensory but intellectual and deductive“. Different degrees of emphasis on this method or theory lead to Continue reading

The State and the Evil of Drink

Kerala is perhaps the “most drunken State” in India, with its per capita consumption of liquor rising by the year. The government, of course, benefits from its monopolistic business arm, the Kerala State Beverages Corporation. The governmental pursuit seems to give the beverages some level of “respectability.” Of course the arrangement provides jobs Continue reading

Views and Reviews of a Rationalist

First of all we must appreciate the efforts put up by publishers – Rationalist Foundation – for bringing out the Anthology of articles on Rationalism, Humanism and Secularism written by an ardent rationalist Justice R A Jahagirdar (Retd). It is surprising to know that except for a few booklets, there were no books Continue reading

Book Review: Memoirs of a Rationalist

Reading through the above book, I felt strongly that the writer, Justice RA Jahagirdar (Retd) is a scholar not only of history and philosophy but of English language too. I had to consult dictionary for quite a few words. There are however a few errors and points of difference too. The ‘r’ of Continue reading

Morality and Atheism

Consider this demographic projection for the UK, and ponder its implications for a moment: within five years, the majority of babies will be born to unmarried parents. However, before you put this down to yet another example of Western immorality, just remember that all these babies will have the same legal rights as Continue reading

Faith Vs Wealth:Hundreds of kilo Gold in Hindu Temples

Himachal’s rich temples too poor to afford so, the Himachal Pradesh government is finding it real burdening to manage the hundreds of kilos (above 4 quintals as per official confession) of gold besides tonnes of other precious metals lying in its treasuries. Of course the treasure belongs to the gods and therefore it Continue reading

Religion: Its Origin and Role

Ideologically, Religion is an error, an unscientific, untrue explanation of the phenomena and processes of the natural and social worlds. Socially, Religion has always been an instrument of bondage and oppression of the exploited classes by the exploiting ones. Religion, the buttress of social reaction, political, oppression and economic exploitation, has always been Continue reading

Homeopathy: Overdosing on Nothing

AT 10.23 am on 30 January, more than 300 activists in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US will take part in a mass homeopathic “overdose”. Sceptics will publicly swallow an entire bottle of homeopathic pills to demonstrate to the public that homeopathic remedies, the product of a scientifically unfounded 18th-century ritual, are Continue reading

Stop funding Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies work no better than placebos, and so should no longer be paid for by the UK National Health Service, a committee of British members of parliament has concluded. The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, which released its report on homeopathy on Monday, also urges governments in other European countries Continue reading

How I became an Agnostic?

Recent Blogs in web-site “Nirmukta” by Dr. Prabhakar Kamath of US should create ripples of skepticism in the minds of the educated youth. Therefore it should be the endeavour of all Rationalists to augment these ripples into waves of thoughts to raise the level of consciousness of the youth, as it is next Continue reading