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Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

Psychology and Religion

Psychology is the greatest enemy of religion and has done it irreparable loss. It has exploded each and every doctrine of religion, and this is why so many religious fanatics of today are so much afraid of the explanations of psychologists like William James and Sigmund Freud, and so vehemently oppose them. “God is the Continue reading

Soul as Given in Scriptures: its explanation in present context

How the idea of Soul generated in ancient minds?

Concept of Soul must have come up in minds of primitive men to fulfill certain needs. When they saw things moving, they thought there must be a mover behind every motion or movement. Material bodies like stones cannot be moved unless moved by some one. When Continue reading

Should Seven Year old Sambhavi be in a School or in a Temple?

For the last few weeks Humanists, Rationalists and Human Rights activists have been waging a huge battle against the forces of fundamentalism in Andhra Pradesh. This is a battle where all sections of society, and in which the media, the police, the justice system, aggressive fundamentalists, the Dalai Lama as well as the Humanists and Continue reading

Dalits in Industry

The debate on affirmative action in the private sector has taken a bizarre turn, not only in terms of results but also in terms of attitude. Led by Ratan Tata, 21 leading Indian industrialists issued an ‘emancipation proclamation’ pronouncing the entire generation of dalit/tribal people with degrees from Indian institutions “unemployable”. Triggered by a newfound Continue reading

A Few Thoughts on Ayurvedic Mumbo-Jumbo

Deepak Chopra claims that “by consciously using our awareness, we can influence the way we age biologically. . . . You can tell your body not to age.” He has reportedly made millions of dollars marketing such messages along with books, lectures, tapes, and consumables based on a “modern” version of an ancient Indian healing Continue reading

Human Psyche

There was a time in history when human psyche was believed to be a soul. Religious people believed that soul was independent and existed prior to the existence of the body. It entered human fetus at a certain stage of development, stayed in the body throughout life and left at the time of death to Continue reading

B. Premanand

The Life of a Skeptic, Rationalist, Humanist, Atheist and a Brave Patriot Comes to an End.

It is a custom to eulogize a person after his or her death and shower all kinds of epithets on him which at many times are not pertinent. But all the above epithets are factual statements in case of Continue reading

Objections to ‘Faith’

Now hope that is seen is not hope, for who hopes for what he sees?

Romans 8:24–25

There are thousands of variations of religion, which suggests that its roots lies in something inherent in the human animal brain, albeit a misinterpretation of some natural by-product of natural selection but the fact that there are so Continue reading

Hindu Mathematics – How Original Was It?

In a world finely divided on issues of culture, politics, religion, and race, it is

a relief to know one thing that stands above them – mathematics. The diversity among today’s mathematicians shows that it scarcely matters who invents new concepts or proves new theorems; cold logic is immune to the prejudices of arbitrary whim Continue reading


Believe it or not, criminals are as superstitious as politicians or businessmen. If you see a man in Ahmedabad running with a pig, and suddenly turning to the east to burgle a house just because the pig had turned east, don’t take him for an actor. He is most likely a thief of the Continue reading

Decency of An Atheist

It is confusing to see a healer in a wheelchair, but the miracle man made the irony disappear. When Sai Baba visited Bombay this week, waiting to fall at his feet were some of the most powerful men in the country. It was a familiar world at his feet, where usually presidents, ministers, RBI governors, Continue reading

Invading the Secular Space

Satya Sai Baba of Puthaparthi in his recent tour of Mumbai (Nov. 2009) was invited by the Maharashtra Chief Minister designate, Ashok Chavan to his official residence, Varsha, for blessing the house and for the associated puja (invocation). When criticsed for inviting the Holy Guru to his official residence he said that since he is Continue reading