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Prabhakar Nanawaty

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Rationalism for the Development of Humanity

Dear Rationalist comrades and the fraternity,

Our warm Greetings to you from Tamil Nadu, the Land of Periyar!

Let me first of all salute our great Narendra Dabholkar for his sacrifice of life for the cause humanity to spread rationalism, specific to the eradication of superstitions. Such stalwarts may Continue reading

Celebrating 30 years of Rationalist Activism in Maharashtra State

Rationalists in the Indian state of Maharashtra have marked the 30th anniversary of their founding with an international conference and celebration.

Members ofMaharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti,Maharashtra Anti-Superstition Society (MANS) gathered in Mumbai from across the state and wider India, joined by guests from overseas. Friday 9 August saw an international conference Continue reading

Global meet roots for rational way to progress

On Friday ( 9 August 2019) visitors entered the heavily guarded premises of Mulunds Mahakavi Kalidas Natyamandir with vegetable seeds embedded In their identity cards and exited with war cries of humanism planted In their heads. The auditorium played host to the first-ever International rationalists conference on August 9. An event, that served Continue reading

Mixing religion, politics sees rights violation worldwide

Critical thinking, or the right to question authority or go against a majoritarian view, may not be in vogue in the country these days, but valuing the individuals freedom to express himself or herself has roots in ancient India, says Uttam Niraula, a global board member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, Continue reading

Humanism and Rationalism

(The original article is abridged for better readability – Editor)

It is quite interesting that the word “humanism” came into existence relatively recently. It was used by F. Niethammer to signify a pedagogics which understood education as shaping a higher nature of a human being, as opposed to education understood as Continue reading

Three Challenges Facing Contemporary India

It is an honour to be here, at the invitation of the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samitee, to deliver the First Dr. Narendra Dabholkar Memorial Lecture. I wouldnt say Im happy to do this. This is because the grim circumstances that led to memorializing in an untimely way Dr Dabholkar and other upstanding fighters Continue reading

Rationalism and Humanity

Here are two claims you might hear quite often, in most parts of the world today.

One: that rationalism is needed more than ever.

Two: that human beings are not the rational animal spoken of in philosophy, and that pure reason is a myth.

There is something Continue reading

Homage to Narendra Dabholkar

We live in a fiercely competitive era. The competition has progressively intensified due to several causes. There is always a basic animal instinct to survive, to grab resources, to create and preserve privileged position of advantage and such others. Humans over years have learnt to better understand our surroundings, learnt to create better Continue reading

Rationalism and Humanity

Dear Humanist leading lights and friends all around the world,

I feel honored to come to the land of the earliest Atheists and Humanists in the world. Similarly, I feel honored to participate in the program organized by Maharastra Andhasraddha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS). I equally feel proud to put my Continue reading

Rationalism in Development of Humanity

Well if we go to the term rationalism in the development of humanity, we would have to go a long way back right to the times of the cavemen, the development of civilizations and the use of fire and tools. Reason has been the main tool for the development of Homo sapiens- what Continue reading

Science, Reason and Humanity- an alliance for progress.


Let me at the outset thank the Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS) for organizing this international conference. The question that we shall discuss has an international dimension but I would deal more with some national and local issues, i.e. those that would help us in our urgent tasks in Continue reading

Towards Society based on Reason

My political journey and thereby my social intervention has been to work towards a society with equality, social, economic and political. This is what made me to arrive at the understanding that social movements are the engine of social change. These social movements in turn are possible and effective in a democratic set Continue reading