The Present Status of Investigation of Dr Dabholkar Murder Case

Prabhakar Nanawaty

After an enormous delay of 33 months, CBI had arrested Dr Virendra Tawade who is Sadhak of Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagaran Samiti. CBI had issued a statement in the Session Court that he had been arrested as main suspect in the killing of Dr Dabholkar, Panasare and Kalburgi. Just a few days before his arrest, CBI raided the flats belonging to Dr Virendra Tawade and Sarang

Akolkar. CBI is in possession of information collected during exchange of secretly coded emails between them. The emails reveal the terrorist like conspiracy to assassinate ‘Hindu Dharm Drohi’ like Dr Dabholkar, to raise a private ‘Army’ of 15000 volunteers to protect ‘Hindu Nation’. Akolkar is Sanstha activist and is absconded criminal since 2009.

During 2008, Sanstha activists, Malagonda Patil and Vijay Naik were killed when a bomb went off on a scooter while they were traveling. NIA is investigating this case for last 6 years. Four suspected criminals viz, Jai Prakash Hegade, Rudra Patil, Sarang Akolkar and Praveen Limkar, involved in this bomb blast are still absconding in spite of Red Corner Notice. Surprisingly, the suspects are still not traceable though initially these suspects were arrested by NIA. The arrested accused were let off for want of evidence. Due to sheer negligence on part of NIA the criminals went Scot – free. As an after thought we can make a statement that the timely action by NIA would have saved the precious lives of Dr Dabholkar, Comrade Panasare and Dr Kalburgi.

It is understood that Dr Tawade is in contact with these criminals regularly. The arrest and custodial interrogation of these four criminals may be able to solve the murder cases and reach the masterminds behind these murders. SS Advocate Punalkar also announced publicly that he is in touch with Sarang akolkar and Rudra Patil. The abetting the criminals is a serious crime. As such Punalkar should be subjected to police enquiry to extract the relevant information.

Due to initiative taken by Adv Abhay Nevagi and family members of Dr Dabholkar and Panasare, a case was filed in the Mumbai High Court. The Court ordered speedy investigation. In fact the photographs of absconded suspects and the sketches of assassins released had some similarities. This was brought to the notice of Court too. However after the arrest of Sameer Gaikwad in Panasare murder case, Court ordered CBI and SIT to investigate whereabouts of Rudra Patil, a friend of Sarang Akolkar. Court had shown its displeasure for the delay of 10 months while investigating the whereabouts. During the last hearing, Court asked the Govt that how many commemoration days need to be observed before the arrest of the suspects. These comments might have accelerated the pace of investigation.

ANiS is strongly protesting against the lethargic approach of the investigating agencies. Even after passing of 36 months after killing of Dr Dabholkar, the investigation has not reached to any conclusion. Executive President of ANiS, Avinash Patil has demanded to display the photographs of all suspects in each and every police station in Maharashtra. Red Corner Notice should be given to arrest absconding criminals, Jai Prakash Hegade, Rudra Patil, Sarang Akolkar and Praveen Limkar, who were prime accused in the 2009 Goa blast case. It is suspected that they too had involvement in Dabholkar murder case. It is important to arrest these absconded suspects immediately. Sanatan Sanstha advocate Sanjiv Punalakar had issued a press statement that he too is in contact with Sarang Akolkar and Rudra Patil. If so, custodial interrogation should be initiated against the Advocate who is supporting these criminals.

Sanatan Sanstha had started spreading rumors and false accusations against investigating agencies and the witnesses that came forward to reveal the identity. Considering the vicious attitude and information available about Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagaran Samiti, these orgnaisations should be banned immediately. The witnesses should be given police protection till the charge sheet is submitted.

In the year 2011, UPA Govt which included Congress party and NCP were ruling Maharashtra. The then Govt forwarded a proposal to impose ban on the ‘dangerous’ activities of SS and HJS  Shri Sushilkumar Shinde was Home Minister of Central Govt during that period. However he did not take any cognizance of this proposal and kept the case pending. The Central Govt did not convey its stand till today even after ANiS delegation met present Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh and briefed him about the activities of criminal nature of SS and HJS. As such the general public is anxious to know the stand taken by the Govt of India and Govt of Maharashtra about these organsiations who are unscrupulously advocating and supporting terrorist like anti – constitutional methods to achieve their hidden agenda.

Shri Vijay Rokade had lodged PIL in Mumbai High Court to ban SS. After two years of lodging PIL, the case has come for hearing only in this month. It has been argued that the activities of SS are anti – constitutional leading to violence. GoI generally imposes ban under the Unlawful Activity Prevention Act for which the organization had been punished by Court at least in one criminal case. In fact SS has been found guilty in 2008. However there was some technical hitch to impose the ban. As such ANiS now demands that since the activities of SS and HJS are anti – constitutional, anti national and terrorist like, the severe action, therefore, should be taken against these ‘dangerous’ organizations.

Following are the reasons to impose the sanction against SS and HJS:

  1. Ministry of Home Affairs of Maharashtra and Central Govt should come out clearly the stand they have taken in this regard.
  2. Govt of Maharashtra should publish the information about its report submitted in 2011 banning SS and its activities.
  3. Take suitable action on ‘Sanatan Prabhat’ a daily newspaper published by SS which supports violence and terrorism in the name of religion.
  4. Sanatan Sanstha Advocate Sanjiv Punalakar who claims that he is I contact with absconding suspects, Sarang Akolkar and Rudra Patil should be subjected to custodial interrogation.
  5. An enquiry should be initiated against the Sadhak who threatened Sahitya Samelan President to face dire consequences like ‘Morning Walk’ (Both Dr Dabholkar and Comrade Panasare gunned down while they were taking morning walk.)
  6. The photograph of Police Officer Krishna Prakash was defaced by cross insignia appearing on the web site of Sanstha. Clarification is sought from the concerned whether any action will be taken against the miscreants.

ANiS requests the public to keep away from these organizations who are advocating violent measures under the garb of Hindu spirituality. The lack of political will and immature handling of the case by investigating agencies had forced to express its displeasure to Mumbai High Court. Court took very serious note of deficiencies in investigations and directed the Govt and administration and warned about its consequences. That may be one of the reasons for progressing the investigation upto this stage. ANiS had protested peacefully for last three years. The pressure from media and ANiS had played important role in this regard. It is hoped that the mastermind and the murderers of Dr Dabholkar will be behind the bars soon and the organizations supporting the criminal and terrorist like activities will be banned soon.

Gist of the letter written to CM, Maharashtra

Respected Sir,

34 months have passed since the gruesome murder of Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, founder of ANiS, social activist, rationalist and progressive thinker. Soon after this killing, Comrade Govind Panasare, one more social activist and progressive thinker, was shot at close ranges on 16 Feb 15 and he succumbed to death on 20 Feb 15 which is about 16 months. The assassination of social activists and rationalists in a State of Mahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj and Dr. Ambedkar is quite shameful. In addition, there was a similar incident of killing of Dr. Kalburgi in the neighboring State, Karnataka, on 30 Aug 2015. The modes operandi of these killings appears to be almost same.

It is regretted that there was a very little progress after the arrest of a suspect in Panasare’s murder case, Sameer Gaikwad, who was a member of Sanatan Sanstha, a Hindu outfit. However, in a recent past CBI had also arrested a prime suspect of Dr Dabholkar murder case, Dr Revindra Tawade, a member of SS and Commander of HJS, and CBI has indicated that there was a planned conspiracy to assassinate people whom they label as ‘dharma drohi’.

In this connection, considering the facts that have come forward, we would like to put forth following suggestions for your immediate attention please:

  1. There should be detailed investigation of SS and its sister organization HJS, about the killers and mastermind behind these killings.
  2. NIA had declared that Jai Prakash Hegade, Rudra Patil, Sarang Akolkar and Praveen Limkar as absconded criminals of Goa Blast case, 2009. It is suggested that their photographs should be displayed at all police stations in Maharashtra.
  3. The delegation of family members of Dr Dabholkar tried 3 – 4 times to meet the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to brief him about the case and hasten the investigation. You are requested to arrange the visit at the earliest.
  4. The prime suspects in the murder cases of Dr Dabholkar and Comrade Panasare are members of SS and HJS who are supporting the unlawful and criminal activities. A permanent sanction should be imposed permanently. There should be continuous watch on their antinational and terrorist like activities. The political party members, Govt officials and other social organizations should be requested to cooperate in the investigation and expose these dangerous organizations.
  5. Govt of Maharashtra had submitted its recommendations to outlaw the activities of SS in 2011 itself. The then Home minister Shri SushilkumarShinde did not take any action in this regard. ANiS delegation also met the present Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh in this regard. There is no action so far. GoI had not announced its position on this issue. You are requested to take up this issue freshly and convey the decision to public at large.
  6. The witnesses which came forward and gave statements to investigating agencies are being harassed and subjected to slander. In fact one should appreciate their courage. As such police protection needs to be provided to these witnesses.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


(Avinash Patil)

Executive President ANiS, Maharashtra

Gist of the letter written to CM, Maharashtra by Avinash Patil assures that ANiS will continue its agitations peacefully till the arrests of all suspects.