Project: Khol Jadu Ka Pol

Paranormal Powers and the Baba Jees

Atta Ul Haq Qasmi, a prominent Urdu columnist, has written a piece in a national daily introducing a “handsome young man” named Professor Abdulah Bhatti who possesses supernatural powers. Qasmi Sahib claims to have experienced these powers himself and further gives credence to the “Professor” by naming two well-known media personalities, Hamid Mir and Javaid Chaudhry who also seem to be the fans. Both anchors of popular TV talk-shows apparently are devoutly impressed to the extent that they are actively marketing the “Baba Jee”. The description provided of the supernatural powers of Abdullah Bhatti makes him a palmist and astrologer however it may be unfair to limit his abilities to these two fields. It is possible that the “Professor” himself views his talents to be of a completely different scale or nature.
In the discussion that ensued about the column on the RSOP (Rational Society Of Pakistan) forum, various members and the admin team of RSOP noted that not a single person throughout history has ever been able to show these kinds of paranormal, supernatural, or occult powers under proper observing conditions. If, however, someone like Abdullah Bhatti really does have such talent, which can also be shown in a test as well, the person should be celebrated and rewarded as the greatest benefactor of the entire human race.

The vast majority of claimants of these powers make us believe that a real branch of knowledge, that potentially is superior to the knowledge achieved through the Scientific Method, is not given a recognition that it rightly deserves. It is in the interest of all, from the real possessor of paranormal or supernatural powers to the general public, that false claimants are exposed while true powerhouses of the supernatural are searched, recognised and rewarded. In the same spirit, RSOP uses the opportunity provided by Atta Ul Haq Qasmi and the case of Abdullah Bhatti to launch Project Khol Jadu Ka Pol.

Project: Khol Jadu Ka Pol

Under Project Paranormal, we are offering a legally enforceable reward of £100,000 (roughly equivalent to Rs 1.4 Crore), secured through a volunteer, to anyone who is able to show any kind of paranormal, supernatural, or occult power under proper observing conditions. We believe that any real processor of these powers will not object to be put under a test and will win the award and hence be useful to humanity as a whole. We will start by inviting Abdullah Bhatti to be tested and intend to document the whole process and the result here.

RSOP is a small organisation run by volunteers and it can be appreciated that we will not be able to put every claimant under test. We will proceed by inviting selected claimants initially. Those more keen to prove themselves and are not entertained by RSOP always have the option open for a bigger shot at glory by contacting James Randy Foundation in the USA, who offer a $1 million reward.


We have tried to keep the whole process as simplified as possible and here is how it will work;

1) We will invite selected claimants of supernatural, paranormal and occult powers to be tested. The RSOP will want extremely specific details about the precise scope of the claimant’s ability.

2) Both parties will discuss and agree on testing ideas and what will constitute a positive result. Independent, agreed upon observers and testers will be appointed.

3) A preliminary test will be arranged based on the agreed testing protocols agreed in (2).
4) After the positive result in (3), a legally binding document will be prepared that will be enforceable in Pakistani as well as British courts of law. RSOP may ask for the costs to be fulfilled for this to be met by the claimant.

5) A final, more through test will be arranged. The testing protocols agreed in (2) will remain the same but the final test may be longer, or require more conclusive results through more sets of the test to ensure that the preliminary test was not a fluke.

6) For positive result at (5), money will be transferred within a reasonable time, which will not exceed 3 months, into the account of the winner. In case of a delay longer than 3 months, the winner will have the right to pursue the courts and claim interest, which will not exceed 2% above the rate of inflation in the UK (because the prize money originates from there).

7) All tests will be videotaped and stored and RSOP reserves the right to publicise any material produced by us in any way. The claimant will be asked to state, on camera, that the protocol is fair prior to the test and state it again afterward. If the claimant does not feel that the protocol is fair beforehand, he/she is not obligated to continue the test. It must be stressed that the agreement of the testing protocol must be reached before the testing stages.