Masters of Reality

Thomas T Hills

Shamanism is as varied as those who practise it. Its practitioners range from indigenous lineages who have passed down their craft over thousands of years to the modern ‘plastic shamans’,

Suman Oak Passes Away…

Prabhakar Nanawaty

At the ripe age of 90 years Suman Oak, a staunch rationalist, radical humanist, and a very humane, liberal and dependable person for all rationalists and humanists breathed her last

I am the real religious one

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar

(An excerpt from the second volume of ‘The Case for Reason’, a translation of the rationalist and anti-superstition activist’s ‘Timiratuni Tejakade’.) I was once asked to speak on the topic

Science and Reason in India

Aparajith Ramnath

Another edition of the Indian Science Congress, another gift to the news cycle. The Congress, which is meant to be a premier forum for scientists to present and discuss their