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How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

In late November, the Justice Department unsealed indictments against eight people accused of fleecing advertisers of $36 million in two of the largest digital ad-fraud operations ever uncovered. Digital advertisers tend to want two things: people to look at their ads and premium websites i.e., established and legitimate publications on which to host Continue reading

Who doesnt love sales? Theres just one problem: they lead us to make dumb choices

Susan Thompkins is somebodys Aunt Susan, and everyone has someone like her. Aunt Susan is a genuinely happy and loving woman, who buys gifts for her nephews and nieces whenever she shops for herself and her kids. Aunt Susan loves shopping at JCPenney. Shes been shopping there since she was a child, going Continue reading

Rationalism in Society: How Rationalism Fails Us

Rene Descartes was the first to speculate on rationalism in the seventeenth century, basing it upon the idea that the only thing that could ever be known is the mind. Descartes believed that it was possible that there are two worlds: one of the mind and one of the physical world. He further Continue reading

Whole of India needs anti-superstition law

In 21st century India, many people in rural as well as urban areas, would still rather consult a tantrik or an astrologer to cure their illnesses instead of approaching a doctor qualified for the job. In spite of the wide prevalence of superstition and irrational religious practices, including black magic, only three states Continue reading

Do We Need An Anti-Superstition Law?


Recently, the Maharashtra State Legislature passed the much publicized Anti- Superstition Bill. Maharashtra became the first state in the country to pass a bill to combat practices like black magic. The act criminalises practices related to black magic, human sacrifices, use of magic remedies to cure ailments and other such Continue reading

How to React to Stupidity at the Science Congress

Correlation is not causation but its really hard to set aside the fact that Indias ruling party has empowered a clutch of people to vocalise their pseudoscientific beliefs without fear of ridicule, leave alone consequence. When you hear a person in any kind of leadership position utter unscientific, ahistorical nonsense, you used to Continue reading

Outlandish claims at Indian Science Congress

Let me begin by saying that the just concluded 106th Indian Science Congress (ISC) at Lovely Professional University, Punjab is an event that progress and promotion of science and research in India really needed. The participation of a galaxy of scientists and researchers, including Nobel laureates, from 60 countries was truly impressive. The Continue reading

I Should Not Allow Myself to be Scared”

For some reason or the other, various adversaries keep targeting me for attacks. Narendra Maharaja is one such person. He has a reason to hate me. In one of his interviews he had mentioned, Eradication of superstition is not the task of the likes of Narendra Dabholkar and ND Patil and their foreign Continue reading

The Case for Reason review: Religion and rationality

Dr. Narendra Achyut Dabholkar (1945-2013) is a well-known social activist and writer from Maharashtra who was gunned down on August 20, 2013, during his morning walk in Pune. It is obvious that he was killed because of his incessant efforts at fighting inhuman superstitious practices and spreading a scientific temper among people. His Continue reading

Beacon of reason and rationality

In his essay A Defence of Detective Stories, GK Chesterton had daringly proclaimed that civilisation itself is the most sensational of departures and the most romantic of rebellions, and that the agent of social justice is the original and poetic figure; while the burglars and footpads are merely placid old cosmic conservatives, happy Continue reading

Why Indians Need to Eradicate the Superstitions in Their Midst?

Does Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANiS) Oppose Only the Hindu Religion?

This question is asked with the deliberate intention of discouraging ANiS activists and spawning prejudice in the minds of people. Across India, rationalist movements are confronted with the same question with respect to their role in eradicating superstitious belief. ANiSs activities Continue reading

A life not lost in vain

History is replete with instances of social and moral critics paying with their lives for militating against the status quo. India lost four of them between 2013 and 2017. The targeted killings of three elderly men (Dabholkar, 67, Pansare, 81, and Kalburgi, 77) and a middle-aged woman (Gauri Lankesh, 55) by shadowy Hindutva Continue reading