Monk, in nude, talks of Pakistan, female foeticide, duty of wife in Haryana Assembly

Khushboo Sandhu

He (Tarun Sagar, Jain monk) equated dharma to the husband and politics to the wife, suggesting that the latter should “accept the discipline” imposed by the former. He recommended ways to eradicate female foeticide. He even took potshots at Pakistan. And all through the discourse that lasted 40 minutes, Jain religious leader Tarun Sagar had MLAs cutting across party lines at the Haryana Assembly listening in rapt attention.

Delivering his “Kadve Vachan” to mark the start of the monsoon session, the first such event organised at the Vidhan Sabha, the monk, who appeared in the nude, was seated on a dais, above

the seats of the Governor, Chief Minister and MLAs. Invited to speak by Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma, Sagar said, “ राजनीति  पर धर्म का अंकुश जरूरी है. धर्म पती है, राजनीति पत्नि. हर पती की  यह ड्यूटी होती है अपनी पत्नी को संरक्षण दे. हर पत्नी का धर्म होता है कि वह पती के अनुशासन को स्वीकार करे. अगर राजनीति पर धर्म का अंकुश न रहा तो वह मगन मस्त हाथी की तरह… हो जाती है. (The control of dharma over politics is essential. Dharma is the husband, politics is the wife. It is the duty of every husband to protect his wife. It is the duty of every wife to accept the discipline of her husband. If there is no control of dharma over politics, it will be like an elephant out of control).”

Sagar identified female foeticide as a “big problem” that was disturbing the balance of society, leading to more crimes and rapes, and said that he had come up with a formula to tackle it at three levels — political, social and religious. “At the political level, the government should decide that those who do not have daughters should not have the right to contest Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections. At the level of society, people should not marry their daughters into families that do not have daughters. At the religious level, saints should decide that they will not accept alms from houses where there are no daughters. The result will exceed expectations if this formula is followed. We are living in the 21st century. Even today, when boys and girls are differentiated, I feel we are living in the 14th century,” he said.

At this juncture, Sagar took a dig at Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, who is a bachelor, saying, “ खट्टर साहब को इनमेंसे बाहर कर दो. (Khattar should be kept out of this).” Taking on politicians, Sagar said that the Parliament, which was set up to solve the country’s problems, has become the biggest problem. He claimed that according to a survey, 160 MPs have criminal cases registered against them and said that efforts should be made to ensure that criminal elements are “not able to climb the stairs of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha”.

Terming terrorism as a major issue, Sagar said that no religion promotes terror. If the amount of government money that is spent on weapons is used for education, employment and healthcare, there would be a transformation, he said.

Taking potshots at Pakistan he said, “हमारा पडोसी देश, सब को मालूम है, आतंकवाद को आसन दे रहा है… भस्मासुर पैदा कर रहा है… भारत को परेशान करने के लिये. मुझे लगता है आज नही तो कल भस्मासुर तय्यार कर रहा है अपने लिये. एक बार गलती कें वह अज्ञान है, दो बार गलती करें वह नादान है, तीन बार गलती करें वह शैतान है और जो बार बार गलती करें वह पाकिस्तान है. जो हर बार क्षमा कर दे, वह हिंदुस्तान है. (Everyone knows that the neighbouring country is harbouring terrorism… creating Bhasmasurs to trouble India. If someone makes a mistake once he is ignorant, if someone makes a mistake twice he is innocent, if someone makes a mistake thrice he is the devil, and ifsomeone makes a mistake repeatedly, that is Pakistan. And the one who forgives repeatedly is India).”

Sagar also praised the Narendra Modi government for prescribing a retirement age for active politicians, and had a word of advice for the Khattar government. ” अगर हमने ऋषिकेश में गंगा का शुद्धीकरण कर लिया, तो हरद्वार और उसके नीचे के तमाम घाट अपने आप शुद्ध  होते चले जायेंगे. अगर सत्र के पहले ही दिन आपने धर्म को अपने यहा पे बिठा लिया, राजनीति के तमाम घाट अपने आप शुद्ध होते चले जायेंगे.   खट्टर सरकार पर यह आरोप लग सकता है कि इन्होने राजनीति का भगवाकरण कर दिया, पर मै आप से निवेदन करना चाहूंगा, यह राजनीति का भगवाकरण नही है, बल्कि राजनीतिका शुद्धीकरण है.” (If we manage to purify Ganges in Rishikesh, then Haridwar and all its ghats will automatically keep getting purified. If on first day of this session you place Dharma in the assembly, all the ghats of politics will automatically keep getting purified on their own. There may be allegations against the Khattar government that they have saffronised politics, but I would request you that it is not saffronisation of politics, rather it is the cleansing of politics),” he said.

Courtesy: Indian Express