Godmen – the solution to all problems?


The other day, I was going through a local publication in NJ and I was little perturbed to see the number of advertisements posted by the “So called Godmen” Cure for cancer in 24 hours!! Sour relations? lost money in business? We have solutions to all your problems!!
I am not opposed to Saints and Mahatmas giving discourses, reading out scriptures or even guiding you to lead your life more meaningfully. I do understand that sometimes we get lost in this rat race and we all need a spiritual boost once in a while. But, I am definitely concerned about the whole process of targeting weak human minds. We are certainly cognizant of these things in India, may be because we still have a population that is largely illiterate. But, most of us who come to the U.S are with degrees and are qualified enough to rationalize things. Despite this, the market for Super Human Beings exists in NJ and quite strongly, I must say.
Some listeners said that there is no link between education and a weak mind and when you have no hopes, you want someone to show light. Some said they are complete fraud while some others mentioned that when you do have the facility in terms of money to go and consult, you utilize it.
I have no doubts about the lack of honesty and integrity in some who call themselves super human beings and have made this whole affair a money making  business. I am only worried that, are there too many of us who are emotionally very stressed out in this part that we seek solace from such things. One other way of looking at it is that, there are some who for whatever reason may have lost confidence in themselves and when these super human beings give them hope, they get motivated, albeit the hope given to them is false. It is all in the mind and the way you regulate your thought process, right?
What is your take? What do you think about these so called Super Human Beings? Why do you think they are present in large numbers in NJ and may be in other parts of the U.S that has a dominant Indian population?