Dearrespected Narlikar Saheb,

This is with reference to your article Science should have the last word appeared in The Hindu of 17 Feb 2018.

I wish to draw Your attention to your letter to me dated .2 Nov 2006 “Thanks for your letter. I always wonder why the defenders of our heritage claim that our ancestors knew all that western science– discoveries only after the discovery is made in modern science If they can predict future discoveries from the past records they will command some credibility.” (Sd. Jayant Narlikar 2 Nov 2006 Ref: JVN /PC/2006/7690.)

I may not repeat my long letter here but only would like to refer to the column in “Science and Religion ” by George Johnson in the Hindu Dt. 22 Nov 2006 in which Prof. Weinberg wrote “Anything that we scientists can do to weaken the hold of religion should be done and may in the end be our greatest contribution to civilization. ” Then you had sighed with anguish “Are we living in 21st century or 18th?” That was with reference tothe Hindu — obsession to Astrology.

Now the situation is really frightening. The article 51[h] of the constitution is craftily made null and void bythe ‘Purohitshahi’and their political patrons The word “Hindutwa “has infected the brains of a large segment of Hindus. The Saffron virus has infected their Grey–cells and turned them into Saffron.

TheonlysalvationasProf Weinberg wished a decade ago is to mobilize a large group of Scientists, rationalist circles, progressive thinkers & journalists and release a document to explain how science raises the level of consciousness of whole society and how religious obscurantism makes the society stagnant specially targeting the youth.

In recent days Authors like Wendy Doniger who exposed the ugly facts of Hindu–History are hated by a few Hindu Evangelists like Rajeev Malhotra, Subrahmanya Swamy and some ABVP youth leaders and a few Brahminic Demagogues are manipulating Mythology into a literary entertainment and masquerade mythology as History.

Keshav Shet Revankar