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Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

What Makes People Distrust Science? Surprisingly, Not Politics

Today, there is a crisis of trust in science. Many people including politicians and, yes, even presidents publicly express doubts about the validity of scientific findings. Meanwhile, scientific institutions andjournalsexpress their concerns about the publics increasing distrust in science. How is it possible that science, the products of which permeate our everyday lives, Continue reading

What is it like to be a Human?

Imagine an intelligent bat contemplating the mind-body problem, name of Tim Nigel. TimNigel has noticed that humans have an auditory sense not possessed by bats (of his species): they can hear various pitches. This enables them to appreciate music (unlike Tim and his conspecifics) and also to have other types of auditory experience Continue reading

India never had a golden age: Interview with Prof. D.N. Jha, historian

LONG before many historians called the Hindutva forces bluff with respect to Indian history, Professor D.N. Jha had talked about the not-so-divine status of the cow in the Hindu religion. Basing his argument largely on scriptures, he came up withThe Myth of the Holy Cow. Hindutva outfits panned the book but could not Continue reading