Training Course in Exorcism

Dr. Hamid Dabholkar

Vatican City is considered as the most sacred place for Christian religion. The highest authority of Christian religion, Pope resides at Vatican City. Priests from various parts of world are

Democracy or Babacracy

Dr. Hamid Dabholkar

Madhya Pradesh government has recently announced that Computer Baba, Bhayujji Maharaj, Narmada Nand,Hari Haranand Pandit and Yogendra Mahant will lead the initiative of Narmada cleaning in capacity of state ministers.

Science and Pseudoscience

Harriet Hall, M.D.

We live in a post-truth, anti-intellectual world where intuition, common sense, and fake news are often preferred to scientific evidence, and where pseudoscience is often presented as valid science. Assuming

Why Do Smart People Do Foolish Things?

Heather A. Butler

Intelligence is not the same as critical thinkingand the difference matters We all probably know someone who is intelligent, but does surprisingly stupid things. My family delights in pointing out

‘Good bye’ to our Saints

Sharad Bedekar

India is a considerably large nation with a huge population of over a billion people spread into a number of provinces, speaking numerous languages, belonging to different religions and yet


Dearrespected Narlikar Saheb, This is with reference to your article Science should have the last word appeared in The Hindu of 17 Feb 2018. I wish to draw Your attention