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Everything you need to know about Sunil Kulkarnis cult Shifu Sunkriti

We are not prostitutes, we are not drug addicts. #Save us from our parents

Hon. Bombay HC, we are victims and we need justice #Save us from our parents

read the placards held by siblings that were on a protest walk from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive on Wednesday (19 April 2017)

Malad Police on Thursday, April 20, arrested Sunil Kulkarni, founder of Shifu Sunkriti cult group, in connection with human trafficking and obscenity on social media. Kulkarni has been booked under various IPC sections including 370 (trafficking of person), 328 (causing hurt by means of poison), 420 (cheating), 292 (sale of obscene books) and also under IT Act sections 67 (publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form and 67 (a) (publishing or transmitting in the electronic form any materiel which contains sexually explicit act or conduct).

What is Shifu Sunkriti?

The group Shifu Sunkriti, founded by Sunil Kulkarni, has been accused of hypnotising, sexually assaulting and providing drugs to young women in the age group 18-25 and luring them into prostitution. To publicise the ideas he has created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts through which he trains people on neuroplasticity resilience. A look at its social media accounts gives a clear idea what Shifu Sunkriti is. The accounts are literally a repository of hallucinatory images and information. I am mystic who will touch your inner animal, show its extreme and then drag you to your Soul Nature by getting emotionally naked and connecting to your brain and neural capacity reads the homepage of Shifu Sunkritis website.

The Mystic of Soul-Making. Connecting People to Their Brain and Neural Capacity for Harmony. Search the Animal Within You and get Emotionally Naked reads the groups Instagrams introduction.

I am mystic who will touch your inner animal, show its extreme and then drag you to your Soul Nature reads the groups Facebook introduction.

In a recent interview Sunil Kulkarni was quoted saying, I trained people on neuroplasticity resilience, it is a total connect of a brain to the body through the spinal cord through the electrical energy through the endocrinal glands that is basically the chemical energy. When all this is brought together, we get connected to ourselves. To do that, you have to physically get naked before yourself and then look at your body, get friendly with your body, then you actually get emotionally naked. You should have that courage.

In an interview to a daily while before his arrest, he was asked about the cult group to which he replied, Shifu Sunkriti is not an organisation. It is my mystic name. Shifu means master, Sunkriti means Sun (reason) + Prakriti.

Mysterious workshop(s)

The group conducts workshop and talk shows on regular basis that features sex education and obscene movies. The address of the events are always kept secret with only being provided to those who have registered for the events through e-mail address provided in the invite.

Event organised by Shifu Sunkriti

The concept of neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury. But it is nowhere close to what the description in the post suggests. In the details of the workshop, it mentions the address of the centre as Bandra but yields no concreted address when traced.

Disturbing posts/images

The images used in the posts are obscene and disturbing at the same time. Most of the pictures are sourced from Google and are posted with captions/quotes on sex, romance, relationship, soul, brain or mental health. Also the descriptions in the post are nothing but a regular usage of psychological or scientific words used in a illogical way just to attract the reader. Apart from the mentioned topics, it also deal with delicate topics such as women empowerment and violence against women that are also presented in a disturbing way.

About the case

Shifu Sunkriti came into limelight after Malad-based couple filed a petition against Sunil Kulkarni and his cult Shifu Sunkruti claiming that their daughters had fallen prey to the cult. Kulkarni who claims to be psychologist and doctors captures mind of young girls and lure them into prostitution. He also has a case of sexual assault against him. In January 2017, the girl left their parents home to live with Kulkarni and accused their parents for domestic violence and confinement. While Kulkarni claims that the girls want to stay an independent life as their parents confined them and he is just helping the girls in what they want. In a hearing on April 20, the High Court dismissed the siblings statement that they left by their own choice and not by pressure, by stating that it is clear that the girls had been brainwashed by Kulkarni.

Who exactly is Kulkarni?

Kulkarni claims that he is a psychiatrist and has done his MD in Psychiatry in Nagpurs Indira Gandhi Government Medical College. But, according to the police, there is no record of Kulkarni graduating from the said college.

Prior to this, Sunil has several cases registered against him. There is a rape case registered against him by a minor in Delhi, under Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) but he managed to get bail and then settled in Mumbai. There are other financial cases as well. The Crime Branch arrested him on Wednesday. Following the arrest, they raided his house in Bandra and found antidepressant tablets and abortion pills, which he is not qualified to prescribe to anyone. The police also found several clips of naked girls and are trying to verify their identity.

Skeletons tumbling

According to a report in IndianExpress, one of the siblings confided in a friend that she had engaged in sexual intercourse with Kulkarni. While Kulkarni primarily operated out of Bandra his family stays in New Delhi and soon he will be visiting New Delhi in order to record statements for his earlier cases. According to a few mediareports, Kulkarni used to be a guest lecturer at Mithibhai and NM College in Vile Parle, which the police are still trying to verify.

Disturbing Facebook posts

On the Facebookpage, he uploads images which are disturbing and trippy at the same time. There is pop psychology or psychedelic images with quotes about mental health, sex, romance, existence, and neuroplasticity. The page also uploads alerts about workshops which are held in Bandra but the address is missing from the post. Some of the workshops are about mental health and well-being, while some are about finding a womans G- spot, and talking aboutsexpectations. In one of theposts, one of the siblings who is involved in the case is seen withDrMahendra Watsu (famous sex expert). Police are also trying to find if any information can be collected from this angle.

What the siblings say

The siblings on Wednesday started a protest march from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive, The girls walked from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive holding placards which read, We are not prostitutes, we are not drug addicts. #Save us from our parents and Hon. Bombay HC, we are victims and we need justice #Save us from our parents

The two girls who are residents of Malad have alleged that their parents have tortured them emotionally and physically as well. December last year the girls were allegedly confined to their rooms and were tortured by their parents. Later, these girls were rescued with the help of their friends and Malad police.

Shivangi Sule told Free Press Journal, All the allegations levelled against Sunil Kulkarni by our parents are incorrect and baseless. My parents have just used the background of Kulkarni to hide their own acts of violence against each other, adding, Kulkarni was the visiting faculty in my college and I met him there through a common friend and now I am working with him. The Sule sisters claimed that they had even written to DCP (Zone XI) Vikram Deshmane on March 2. Our parents have hired goons and influenced a political party to make life hell for us,, Shivangi said.

Recent Development

So far, he has only confessed that he is neither a psychiatrist nor any degree holder in medicine. Kulkarni is an imposter, but the police could not gather adequate evidence against him. The witness girl was under extreme influence of Kulkarni. Despite repeated phone calls, she is not coming forward to give evidence against Kulkarni. Her statement is a must to tighten the case, said an investigating officer of the Crime Branch.

Mumbai Police has written to various educational institutions wherein Kulkarni delivered his lectures and interacted with students. We have asked for the closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) footages from educational institutions, so we can scan the students and talk with them on Kulkarni. His modus operandi is to catch the mentally weak students and those who have aspiring to become film stars, he added.

Courtesy: Free Press Journal

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