Sanatan Sanstha

Dhirendra K Jha

Picture a palatial china-white mansionwith a massive porch amidstthe lush green of aGoan village. Guards in slickblue uniform stand in patrolat its entrance. This isthe Sanatan Sansthas ashram atRamnathi, where

Hindutva Politics Feeds on Chaos

Omair Ahmad

(In conversation with The Wire,Dhirendra Jha talks about his bookShadow Armies: Fringe Organizations and Foot Soldiers of Hindutva.) As goons masquerading as protectors of Hindu values, women or cows attack

Why I Wont Advocate Vegetarianism

Sunita Narayan

Recently at the release of our book First Food: Culture of Taste, which discusses the link between biodiversity, nutrition and livelihoods, I was asked a question. Why do you not,