Humanity’s Triumph

Sharad Bedekar

Lokayat – Barhaspatya – Charwak Mat  All the above three are the names of the selfsame philosophy of life propounded by the Charwaks who refuted religion. What they denied were

Renaming Aurangzeb Marg

N Jayram

Following the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC)’s ingenious decision to change the name of Aurangzeb Road, one of those leafy avenues in Lutyens’ Delhi (note to self: stop invoking Lutyens,

Excessive Attachment to Religion

Dr. K.P.S. Kamath

The cliche, “Religion is opiate of people,” has been around for over two hundred years. No doubt, religion has given solace to billions of aching souls for several thousand years,

The Fallacy of the God Gene

Jeff Schweitzer

Two major newspapers did what all mainstream media do best: Get the story wrong. The New York Times published “The Evolution of the God Gene” by Nicholas Wade in which