Social Entropy vis a vis Hindu Society

Keshava Shet Revankar

In his old book “Tao of Physics” the author Fritjof Capra writes ‘ most of today’s Physicists do not seem to realise the philosophical, social and psychological implications of their

Relevance of MN Roy

Dr Rekha Saraswat

I write here about the revolutionary philosopher from India, Manavendra Nath Roy; founder of `New Humanism’, the Radical Humanist philosophy, and his contemporary relevance after sixty years of his death

Religion, Peace and Violence

Ram Puniyani

The global scenario is full of violence in the name of religion. The acts of terrorism are attributed to religious teachings at times. The local violence, the attack on religious

Religion on Campus

AS I mentioned in a recent posting, theology is losing ground in higher education across western Europe. But in certain specific ways, religion and religious culture have become a very

Hard-Wired = Permanent

Michael Shermer

We should retire the scientific idea that a hard-wired trait or characteristic of an organism is a permanent feature. Case in point: God and religion. Ever since Charles Darwin theorized

Legal Challenge

V. Venkatesan, Sagnik Dutta, T.K. Rajalakshmi

(This article, published in Frontline, one of the prestigious magazines, just after Dr. Narendra Dabholkar’s death and the Ordinance was promulgated, describes the legal implications of the Ordinance. Subsequently the

On a Prayer and a Petition

Babu Gogineni

“What exactly happened, and what gave you the strength to fight your case, Mr. Salve?” I asked. “Your job as an English teacher was at risk, and your own colleagues