Dr. Narendra Dabholkar


Prabhakar Nanawaty

Suman Oak

Martyred flame

A humble candle’s flame was haunting the

darkness engulfing broader landscape


It was agitating the enemies of

enlightenment whose restlessness was

borne  in the hot air huffed and

puffed every now and then


The pencil rays of light

was enough not just to expose

 the ruthless and gruesome faces,

but to identify a way of hope, too

 in the din of deafening noises of



Not that the candle was unaware of

 its ever melting stature.


Rather conscious it was of its

self-chosen task and

was a willing participant in that process.


Forces of hatred and venomous politics

 were hell-bent on foreclosing the

 humble glow spreading across the

darker space and were

enraged that their giant shadows were

cast on the walls by its smiling presence.


 Alas, the blackened wick turns smoky

 as the flame is put off by an

avenging blow of air by the  devilish mouths.


But, the falling candle had already lit

a million candles whose

united flame gets ready to

drive out the darkness and

torch the hatred once and forever.


And for the moment,

they glow, in silence,

remembering the sacrifice

of that unique, humble, unassuming

candle, thy name is, Dabholkar…..


Courtesy: Indian Express

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