Temple Building: Lucrative Business

Yadneshwar Nigale

A member of the cabinet of Manohar Parrikar withdrew his support from the Government. He was accused of extracting commission from various contractors. He had built temples at many places

The Sleep of Reason

Babu Gogineni

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya produced a series of etchings in 1797, the most famous of which he titled: El sueño de la razón produce monstruos (The Sleep of

The skeptic

Wendy Grossman

One of the problems with skepticism is that you’re typically not in charge of your own agenda: you spend much of your time reacting to the claims other people make.

Haj Subsidy: Why So Much Ruckus?

Prof. Maheboob Sayyad

In the verdict of May 8, the Supreme Court had directed the government to taper off and eventually stop Haj subsidy given to Muslim pilgrims.  In fact for all practical