Disenchanting India: Introduction

Johannes Quack

India is the land of religion. Max Weber described the everyday life of the Indian masses as taking place within an “enchanted garden of life” formed by charismatic gurus, characterized

Why I Am an Atheist?

Ramesh Nagaragere

Like any child born into a middle class, upper caste family in India I was also part of the traditional ways of thinking and living, but with a touch of

Nadi Jyotishyam

Dr. Narendra Nayak

Nadi Jothishyam is the name of an ‘exact science’ by which all details about a person can be told by consulting palm-leaf inscriptions attributed to Agastya Muni, a very famous

God’s Market

Ajita Kamal

Ever so often when reading books of non-fiction written by great thinkers you come across one that you find yourself hoping is wrong about the multitude of depressing facts it