Faith and Foolishness

Lawrence M. Krauss

Faith and Foolishness: When Religious Beliefs Become Dangerous              Every two years the National Science Foundation produces a report, Science and Engineering Indicators, designed to probe the public’s understanding of

Healing Camps of Gurav Brothers

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar

Kushire is a small town like any other town in Maharashtra, situated in Panhala Taluka of Kolhapur District. Gurav brothers hail from this place. They once had a dream or

Reporting Puttaparthi Saibaba

Vishal Arora

About three-and-a-half hours from Bangalore, past farmers’ fields and some hills, a small village came into view. The rural area gradually gave way to an airstrip, where a private jet

Chicken Bones and Black Magic

Sanal Edamaruku

            I have campaigned against superstitions for several decades now and am convinced that it is the single most destructive force in India’s development. Let me start with a small

Tracing the History of Charwak Philosophy

Prabhakar Nanawaty

The book, Charwak: History and Philosophy is originally written in Marathi by a noted historian Prof Sadashiv Athavale (1923 -2003). Amongst the well-known Maharashtrian historians like K N Sane, Vasudevshastri

Unholy Acts of TTD

K V Ramana

The richest Hindu temple trust in the world, the Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), the abode of Lord Balaji, is witnessing some of the most unholy acts of scandal and corruption. The