The State and the Evil of Drink

V.R. Krishna Iyer

Kerala is perhaps the “most drunken State” in India, with its per capita consumption of liquor rising by the year. The government, of course, benefits from its monopolistic business arm, the

Views and Reviews of a Rationalist

Prabhakar Nanawaty

First of all we must appreciate the efforts put up by publishers – Rationalist Foundation – for bringing out the Anthology of articles on Rationalism, Humanism and Secularism written by

Morality and Atheism

Irfan Husain

Consider this demographic projection for the UK, and ponder its implications for a moment: within five years, the majority of babies will be born to unmarried parents. However, before you

Religion: Its Origin and Role

C G Shah

Ideologically, Religion is an error, an unscientific, untrue explanation of the phenomena and processes of the natural and social worlds. Socially, Religion has always been an instrument of bondage and

Stop funding Homeopathy

Andy Coghlan

Homeopathic remedies work no better than placebos, and so should no longer be paid for by the UK National Health Service, a committee of British members of parliament has concluded.

How I became an Agnostic?

Keshava Shet Revankar

Recent Blogs in web-site “Nirmukta” by Dr. Prabhakar  Kamath of US  should create ripples of skepticism in the minds  of the  educated youth. Therefore it should be the endeavour of all